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2.97 stars 2.97/5 Stars Average score of 38 user reviews spread across 10 releases and 5 DLC

A fine multiplayer shooter, and nothing more. 11

Some might feel that defining a game by its genre is a completely unfair way to classify a game. For example, is referring to Deadly Premonition as a third-person survival horror game fair when Silent Hill: Shattered Memories would probably be described the same way? Many games strive to expand the meaning of their genre, or go forward and defy genre definition.So with this in mind, I can only define Brink as a multiplayer-focused objective-based first person shooter. Brink fails to differentiat...

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Not quite what was expected, but a nice callback. 5

If you have had played Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, you will be extremely familiar with the objective based gameplay that Brink pushes onto the player.  I was a gargantuan fan of Enemy Territory so this may be one of the reasons why I enjoy Brink so much so take this small review with that in mind.The combat is what you would expect from Call of Duty, lots of hip-shooting and aiming down the sight.  The weapons all seem to be very similar and it appears to be like this to accentuate the weapon ...

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Collapses under its own weight in issues. 7

Brink attempts to differentiate itself from standard conventional shooters, like Call of Duty and Halo as much as possible. Unfortunately there are too many issues that bog down the game. Splash Damage, the studio that brought you Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, attempted to make Brink a breath of fresh air in the shooter genre, implementing several neat ideas. Despite the effort of being different, Brink only manages to be on the verge of resembling anything fun. The dull combat and endless list o...

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A Regretful Purchase 15

 Succumbing to the hype of BRINK's trailers and boasts involving parkour and a near-limitless set customization options, I decided to pre-purchase it before any reviews were posted. My first reaction to BRINK was a mixture of confusion of what the game was truly about and concern about my spending of fifty dollars. BRINK's story is a series of empty transitions from one mission to the next as the missions themselves have no more story to them than any multi-player shooter. Given special titl...

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All the waiting for this? 0

The Ark. No Covenant. I have been waiting, holding my breath in anticipation of Brink for as long as I can remember. Once upon a time, I jested at the idea of mixing Battlefield with Mirror's Edge. I thought 'Well, that will never happen, nobody could possibly ever make that game.' Then came Brink, a class-based, first person shooter that boasted an interesting creative direction, a fairly intriguing universe and, above all, parkour. I was sold. The trailers revealed a game that looked like a po...

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Brink's exhilarating online combat is held back by a few issues. 0

Multiplayer-centric shooters have recently staked their claim as industry giants with titles like Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and the Call of Duty series being a very good indication to that. Splash Damage's team-based shooter opus Brink tries to carve it's own niche on this landscape and in doing so it offers seamless online integration, parkour elements and an objective-based structure, all wrappe...

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Just not Enough 0

For a game that spent so long in development, you'd expect more than this.Just to clarify things: I first played the game in Late November 2011. When Brink was released, bad netcode, and crippling bugs and poor optimization for ATI cards ensured that I did not buy it. Come a few months later, the patches have been applied, I have a powerful Nvidia card and it was on sale for 5 dollars, so I got it.Well, 5 bucks not well spent.I won't bore you with a long review: Essentially Brink has the followi...

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Has no legs 1

I had very high hopes for this game.  I heard podcasters talking about it prior to release and the whole concept of a Team based Objective oriented FPS with parkour elements had my mind churning about a mashup for Mirrors Edge and Battlefield.  I joined gamefly so I could get this game on release dayand play with the others out there.   Art Style - I don't know how best to explain it but the at style of this game is stunning.  I love the style and look of the players and environments.  Definitel...

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Its ambitious claim to innovate the FPS is a medicore one. 0

What do you get when you combine a famed, first-rate publisher in Bethesda with Enemy Territory: Quake Wars creator Splash Damage? If your answer was an excellent, innovative and superbly-polished game entitled 'Brink', you'd only be a quarter right. Saying that, Brink accomplishes quite a bit with its unique formula and functionality, but its overall lack of ingenuity turns this incredible-looking first-person shooter into a derivative afterthought. Brink's story begins and ends with the Ar...

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On the...wait for it...edge of okay. 0

PewPewPew!Are you ready for the mediocre?So, the gang behind Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, and some of the best current gen first person developers, came together with one goal in mind: make a console based cooperative multiplayer game in vain of the greats like Team Fortress II, but be nothing but a ‘killer app.’ So much so that creative director at Splash Damage, Richard Ham, has gone to Moleyneux-esque lengths to make sure to have a buzz about his baby, S.M.A.R.T. S.M.A.R.T. is Smooth Movemen...

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Premature Judgement 5

Simply: Try the Game.  Rent, Borrow, Gamefly.I have read enough of these malnourished reviews.  Every one seems to have rushed to judgement without truly experiencing the game.  More over, I am sickened by the mentality "If it isn't Halo, it isn't worth playing."  These pandering clowns on Giantbomb are content with slamming down superficial insults like "the guns lack punch" while ignoring that this describes almost every popular multi-player shooter.  So where were these criticisms when Halo r...

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Blood from the mouth 0

Brink played well in the lab on a top end $$$ overclocked AMD quad core system.  Most of the review took place on that system.  However since then I bought my own copy to carry home.  I have a entry level medium powered gamer rig.  This home rig runs many games on high settings in 1600 x 1200 very well, which is asking a lot.  Brink didn't run well at all on this system.  Even on lowest settings in 800x600.  There are a lack of in-game performance options (whoopz)  however there are 1500 options...

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It's "Enemy Territory" with a new skin 0

Popping this game into my console recently I loaded it up to be instantly washed back to 2003 when I used to play Splash Damage's free Wolfienstein expansion called "Enemy Territory". This game almost right down to it's core is that game exactly.It is a class based FPS that is focused around objective based missions. Certain operatives are required throughout these missions to achieve certain objectives and often times there are several objectives at once that can be completed. Overall the conce...

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Pain In the A** 2

(Due to complaints I will rewrite and make my former point much more clear then before.) A couple of things to say about brink is that it is a pain in the ass to play in general. The gameplay is very scripted, with different objectives on a limited set of maps that range from extremely easy to insanely difficult especially ones that rely to heavily on teamwork. Though I do enjoy teamwork is the name of the game random people are generally unresponsive and lonewolves towards others. This is where...

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A Solid Shooter with great ideas but decent execution. 0

There's so much great ideas in BRINK. The SMART system that allows you to traverse the game world any way you want. The customization options that allow you to change your appearance right down to the guns you use. The objective-based gameplay that relies heavily on teamwork. BRINK comes together nicely making it a solid shooter thats alot of fun, but there are some things that bring the experience down.Splash Damage is known for their team objective-based multiplayer shooters (Wolfenstein: Enem...

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Broken but there is hope. 0

First off I've logged about 5 or so hours on the game mainly playing as a Medic at the time of writing this. Is this game broken? Answer is YES very much so. It manages to outline some interesting things from others games and some new ones but never really implements them well. The parkour style climb-what-you see idea is a great idea but in reality is awkward, limited and clumsy. You will ultimately only use it when you need to and just sprint around for the most part. Half of this is because t...

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A little unexpected 0

When I heard about this game about a year ago I was hyped and on board. The look is crisp and clean the adventurous addition of Parkour to get around the maps. The end result still has those aspects but the AI bots on your team are generally very dumb. The challenge maps are not too much of a challenge but you need to go threw them to get the attachment and gun unlocks (shouldn't take longer then a couple hours at most). The campaign isn't too bad if you play with people on your team, you will h...

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A in depth review of a solid FPS title 0

IntroCurrently in terms of the FPS market we are beginning to see too much recycled game mechanics and themes at least from my point of view. Going in to Brink with this frame of mind allowed me to see the game for what it was truly trying to accomplish and that was to create a unique shooter with themes and inspiration from popular current generation games.Lets break down this review a bit in to some key categories, Sound,  Graphics, A.I. , Player Investment. This should help justify the overal...

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Brink is a great online shooter that completely fails offline 0

I'll start out his review by stating something that may be a bit surprising given I am giving the game an average review (3/5 stars).  I really like Brink.  I had my doubts after seeing some of the quick looks from the X-Box 360 version, but the PC version seems to not suffer from all of the technical hiccups (which it appears the console version have received a patch for some of these issues) though still has some of the shortcomings in that the game just doesn't feel "complete".  It's hard to ...

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Not No Call of Duty 1

This game is nothing like Call of Duty. If you are in to that, don’t buy it. Wait a few months and spend another $60 on another Call of Duty. This is Brink, it is a mix of several games rolled into a small package and guess what it works.People might criticize how boring singleplayer. Well you really not going to buy it for the story. You are buying it to have fun with friends, and this is the game to play. When the game came out, my friends and I launched the game and play the campaign for 4 ho...

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A Solid Game, Riddled With Bullet Holes 0

Brink is a new teamplay objective oriented first person shooter from Enemy Territory developer, Splash Damage. It is a game that promised to blur the lines between singleplayer, multiplayer, and cooperative gameplay, and does a well enough job delivering on these fronts. Unfortunately, however, it doesn’t end up doing any of them particularly well, making for a somewhat middling experience at times. It is a game with great potential (and plenty of fun despite many issues) that is stunted by poor...

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A diamond in the (very) Rough 0

Over the past few years that we've known Brink's development process, Splash Damage has brought a lot of bold claims to the table. Talk of how the SMART movement system would redefine movement in the FPS genre and that the seamless fusion of Online and Offline gaming would change the game permanently permeated every Dev diary and interview over the last two years. So after all this build up, it's a shame to see that Brink stumbles at several of the hurdles Splash Damage confidently claimed it wo...

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Brink Review: One Step Forwards and Two Steps Back 0

Back in 2001 Return to Castle Wolfenstein hit store shelves, to high reviews and great sales. It is to this day one of the games that often comes up when the “Greatest FPS ever” argument begins. And rightfully so. One of the reasons it is brought up though is not for the main game itself. It’s for the multiplayer, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, developed by Splash Damage (unlike the singleplayer.) In “Enemy Territory” two teams split into various classes fought to destroy or defend objectives. It...

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On the Brink of Complete Failure 0

Brink is a game that, when on paper, sounds like it hits the high points: tactical team combat, single player and multiplayer modes that you can play online or solo with bots, persistent characters that you can upgrade, customizable perks and weapons, and also introduces parkour style traversal. Unfortunately Splash Damage, former modders turned game development studio, have come up short yet again even more so than with Enemy Territory: Quake Wars.Character customization is average but offers s...

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A wasted Effort 0

At the time of writing this PSN was still down so I haven't managed to play any multiplayer so far, may adjust review and score later.Brink is an interesting case study for why looks aren't everything. At a glance Brink appears to be a beautiful looking first person shooter, with a unique and interesting visual design and colourful environments that other shooters could only dream of. Underneath the brilliant aesthetics however Brink is a very shallow half finished game.  The game consists of es...

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Good team based shooter 0

It does not offer any thing really that new but if your looking for a tf2 similar game where its not run and gun and is about team work get this game.Some features i liked- Customization- Objective gameplay-The way you can climb and get around the map.- Teamplay ...

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Almost great. 0

Brink manages to deliver an enjoyable experience that rewards teamwork more than your own K/D ratio, and I really appreciate that. What I don't appreciate are the myriad of technical issues that prevent this game from being the great title it should be.Two factions are on the "brink" of civil war, one fighting to protect the utopia known as the Ark, and the other to escape it. Unfortunately, that's as far as the story ever develops. The campaign mode is essentially loosely strung together bot ma...

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not at all as advertised. 1

From the very begining of Brink i felt completely decieved by every article and trailer I had thus far seen, everything we had been shown prior to release suggested that this game would include a full story driven single player campaign, what we actually got was a broken knock off of team fortress 2 with a few cutscenes thrown in for good measure. For the developers of brink only included 8 maps, normally 8 maps would be plenty for a multiplayer experience and it would be if it was not for the f...

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Ambition and innovation don't always a great game make 0

It's a sentiment that will either fall on deaf ears due to the extraordinary sales saying otherwise or just simply a "yeah I know but what you gonna do?" response but first-person shooters are starting to bore me. Gone are the days of multiple objectives, freedom to tackle a certain situation how you want or it's just the same basic formula of you, a gun and bullets trying to hit dudes. Brink puts its emphasis squarely on communication and teamwork whereas most other games have it be useful and ...

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Broken Game is Broken 0

I'll be honest, i thought brink had some potential. It was taking some bold steps into a new style of a class based online shooter. The game was suppose to truly be about working as a team, and completing the objective. Heck, they even removed the k/d ratio. With so much customization, and the ability to play the "campaign" online, this game sounded fantastic for me, as i loved team fortress 2 and Shadowrun. What i came to find when i actually purchased the game was that it was nothing but a rus...

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On the Brink of Boring 0

The Game may be overflowing with ideas and have lots of potential, but like many of it’s online players it has fallen flat on it’s face making that crucial leap to stardom. The game mechanics have nowhere to allow them to elaborate on what can be done, there is not enough levels and there is little to no difference between online and offline from both a story and map perspective.I personally liked it for the brief period of time I played it, when a match without lag happened to appear. It’s grea...

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On the Brink 0

 I'm calling it!  This is the best FPS to come out in 2011.  I know what you're thinking.  You're thinking "But Mr., Modern Warfare 3 comes out later this year!"  I would respond by saying Black Ops came out last year, Modern Warfare 2 the year before that, and World at War the year before that, etc.  Essentially, I've seen it before.    Brink is an brilliant new take on the genre. Borrowing bits and pieces from the likes of Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress 2, Mirror's Edge. (And maybe Shadowrun, but ...

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Forgetably Average 0

   I'd like to start by pointing out that I'd probably would have given this a lower rating if i had actually bought it, my uncle bought it and i gave it a go while i was back home. I've never been fond of the iron sight twitchyness of current shooters, where most of the guns are assault rifles and you die every 2 seconds from random gunfire. But I LOVE Team Fortress 2 and man does this game try to be that. The problem is that the levels are cluttered with so much crap and the characters are ind...

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Brink Review: Over the Brink and into a wall 0

Brink is a team based shooter from Splash Damage. The concept is a solid one: complete objective based missions with a team of allies in a set time limit. The game uses a class system similar to Team Fortress, albeit not as well implemented. However, Brink completely collapses under a mountain of technical issues and a general lack of content. Splash Damage had a chance to break out of their niche and appeal to a much wider audience, but ultimately the numerous problems of the game will relegate...

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A good effort 0

<p>I picked up <a target="_blank" href="">Brink</a>, courtesy of my amazing girlfriend, on my way home from work yesterday and got to play for about 2 hours.  Now when I was looking at the game while trying to decide whether or not to get it, I saw mixed reviews but I decided that I would give it a try.  I want to say that I like it, I really do.  It has so many awesome features in it (alright, so maybe not all are revolutionary), but i...

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A game that has so much promise 0

Brink is a game that has the potential to be an amazing game and yet falls flat on so many different places. This game has ideas that are rare to find in the multitude of FPS’s that are still flooding the market but is still held back by several key problems.  Starting with the gameplay, brink introduces the SMART system. This allows you to run across the maps vaulting and sliding over and under obstacles in the way. This is very reminiscent of Mirrors Edge with the view remaining in ...

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A good game which needs more work 0

Brink isn't your average shooter. It tries to differ from the now repetitive Call of Duty clone, but some of it's concepts just fall short. It's good, don't get me wrong, but it needs a lot of work. The plot has the people of the Ark (an experimental city) placed into two factions: Security and Resistance. The game throws people right into the action, expecting them to know what to do. It's a team- based shooter with objectives. It reminds me of Team Fortress 2, but with a lot more customization...

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Dissapointment 0

I had my hopes up for this newly crafted game that had really great ideas, but did it really deliver the punch I was looking for?   Good: -Freerunning is smooth and innovative -Coop is the best part about it -Fun only with friends -Classes are designed like Team Fortress 2   Bad: -Graphics and textures have a hard time loading -A.I against you is overpowered and too difficult and when on your side they are dumber than a bag of rocks. -The multiplayer is pretty much campaign except you replace th...

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