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Weapon Type:
Handgun - single action, semi-automatic pistol
 Caliber:9x19 mm, .40 S&W
 Magazine Capacity
13 rounds (9x19 mm), 10 rounds (.40 S&W)
Fire Mode:

The Browning Hi-Power was designed by John Browning (designer of the iconic M1911) in 1925. FN commissioned Browning to design a new service pistol to meet the requirements of the French military. The basic requirements stated that the pistol needed to have an ammo capacity of at least 10 rounds, be lethal at a range of 50 m, and be simple to field strip. Since Browning had sold the rights to his 1911 design, an entirely new firearm had to be designed. Unfortunately, Browning died in late 1926, just months before the patent was granted in early 1927.

The resulting pistol was not adopted until 1935, when the Belgian army selected it as its new sidearm. Soon after, it was adopted by the British, Canadian and Australian forces. The Hi-Power was notably used by both Allied and Axis forces in WW2. This happened as a result of the Germans occupying  Belgium in 1940, when they claimed a FN plant. This plant continued to produce the Hi-Power for Axis troops.

Next to its distant cousin, the 1911, the Hi-Power is the second longest living service pistol in history. The Hi-Power is still the standard issue sidearm for the Canadian Forces, British Army, Australian Defence Force, as well as various other military and police units all over the world.

While the design of the Hi-Power has stood the test of time, more modern polymer-frame, striker-fired designs are starting to replace the Hi-Power in the global military and law enforcement communities.

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