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Types of Bruisers

  Street Brawlers - These are the characters who learned how to fight on the streets. This doesn't make them thugs or villains (although most of them would fit under the title of Juvenile Delinquent), they can often be heroes who fight out against crooks or gangs. An example of this would be Kanji from Persona 4.


Strong Arms - These characters are typically hired muscle like bodyguards. This would also include characters who are members of some sort of a fighting force (like a group of freedom fighters or a military organization) and are there for when a wall needs to be smashed down.

  Energetic Punching Machines - This is a character who has no real style of fighting simply because they don't take the time to think about one. They have natural fighting talent and they enjoy a good brawl so much they just throw their punches without worrying about technique. A running gag with most characters like this is they'll invent their own names for their attacks. An example would be Zell from Final Fantasy 8 or even Snow from Final Fantasy 13.
Juggernauts - Who needs a fighting style or technique when you can punch your opponent halfway across a city? These characters are walking piles of muscles that look like living brick walls. Typically found in comic books with characters like The Thing and The Hulk, there are still plenty of video game characters that fit this description, such as Gunrock from Power Stone or Potemkin from Guilty Gear.

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