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Story - Out Of This World

Buddy makes his first apperance in the 1991 action platformer game Out Of This World as an allied NPC character to the protagonist Lester Knight Chaykin. After being knocked out early in the game Lester wakes up in a cage, that he shares with Buddy, in an apparent mining facility. With what little information the game gives it appears that Buddy is enslaved by a race of aliens that are similar to himself and is one of many.
After Lester comes to, Buddy helps his new ally swing the cage back and forth until the chain suspending it high above a pit breaks causing the prison to crush the guard down below.  With the two now free of their constrants Buddy dusts off the scientist and begins to aid him in their quest to escape the mines. The aid he distributes is very limited though since he is unarmed in a complex where laser guns are the norm. When he does help Buddy is invaluble. His techincal expertise allows him to hack through security doors allowing the two fugitives to pass through locked doors his strength also lets him pull a vent open allowing Lester to escape the complex with ease. After doing such an action it is some time before Buddy meets Lester once again.
Buddy is next seen crawling through a narrow passage way in the alien slaver's collosseum. After Lester is ran into a dead end by a bunch of guards he helps his friend up into this passageway allowing him to once again escape a grizzly fate. Together they commondeer some sort of tank vehicle. They take part in a brief fire fight within the collosseum, causing some major damage, before jettisoning the escape pods.
Buddy lands somewhere outside a bathing area whilst Lester ends up on the inside. It is not too long before the duo are reunited however since Buddy jumps through a window to re-team with his friend. A large laser blast causes Lester to fall several feet below and leave him at the mercy of one of the slavers who nearly kills him. Buddy quickly reacts though confronting the slaver allowing Lester enought time to kill the slaver with a large energy beam activated by a lever. With Lester severely injured Buddy carries his companion onto a large flying creature and makes off into the distance leaving both their fates ambiguos at the end of the game. 

Story - Heart Of The Alien

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