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Hey duders, 
So Bulletstorm is pretty cool and really creative. I love the skillshots and they are by far the best part of the game. But my God are some of them hard to get.  
Seeing how that Golden Idol Achievement isn't going to win itself and that everyone on the internet thinks that making a guide for the skillshots in this game is just copying the list from the game, I've called onto you guys. 
I'm having a problem getting the final skillshots with the Screamer (the pistol). I can't get Snapshot (the one that consist of killing a guy the second he's in "your sights") and Misfire (Kill a dude who you've flaired with something else than the flair).  
We can make this thread a Skillshot guide thread so anybody having trouble, ask away :)

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The Gunslinger one for getting either two Snapshots or Fast Draws in a row is easiest done in an area with the enemies that use the Flailgun. They have explosives strapped to their chests, so all you need to do is wait for a group of them to charge you and hope for the best. I've gotten Fast Draws without even aiming down the sights, too, so you may get lucky with this one. 
Misfire is much easier. Have an enemy (preferably a weaker one just in case) lined up right in front of any spiked object (cactus or rebar), kick them if necessary, and hit them with a flair. The flare will knock them back and impale them on whatever they were in front of before it has time to explode.

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I didn't even know what the misfire was until reading that, I should really check the list more often.
The one I'm finding downright impossible is killing a guy with the sniper rifle by hitting them in the balls. They just turn away no matter what and you always hit their leg or arse. Any tips for that would be appreciated.

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@JTB123 What you want to do is kick a dude in front of you then quickly shoot him in the balls! Or put a nom (those mask plant things) on the guy so he stays put
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@JTB123:  While I got that one by accident, as the bullet went through the back of a dudes leg and I guess came out of his balls, you can just kick a guy right in front of you and quickly aim and shoot. Makes things a million times easier.
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@OneKillWonder Thanks duder :)
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Thanks guys, I'll try them out later :)

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