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Burmecia is both a kingdom and city in the game Final Fantasy IX. It is first reached on Disc 1. The story that involves Burmecia starts after Garnet drugs the party and flees with Steiner towards Alexandria. When the party awakes, they conclude that they must have headed to Burmecia to help, and decide to travel there. At this point the party consists of Zidane, Vivi, Freya, and (optionally) Quina. They arrive in the kingdom through Gizamaluke's Grotto, to find a region of never-ending rain, hence Burmecia's nickname: The City of Perpetual Rain.
When the team enters the city, they find it in ruins, having been attacked and taken over by Queen Brahne and Alexandria. They enter the depths of town in search of the Burmecian King, only to find Brahne, General Beatrix, and a mysterious robed man (later you find out it's Kuja). It is here that the party takes on Beatrix, and loses (no matter what). After this, Disc 2 starts.
On Disc 2, the party decides to find the survivors of the attack on Burmecia, in the colony of Cleyra (a settlement made by defected Burmecians).

Burmecia is one of the 3 major kingdoms on the Mist Continent, the smallest and weakest of which. They are home to a race of anthropomorphic rats (or mice, though they are referred to negatively as rats). They are ruled by a monarchy, much like Alexandria. It is the homeland to Freya, one of your party members, as well as home to Puck, Vivi's first friend in the game. It is also the home of Fratley, Freya's boyfriend who saves the party and Cleyrans. Most Burmecians have been killed at Alexandria's hands, either in the invasion of the city, or in the obliteration of Cleyra, where the refugees were hiding out.

While in ruins throughout the entire game, in the ending scenes it is shown that Freya and Fratley have reunited, and are intent on rebuilding it with all the remaining Burmecians.

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