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C63 Industries is an independent game studio currently located in Huntsville, Alabama. It was founded by Charlotte M. Ellett and Jesse W. Schirmer. It was originally founded because a studio was needed in order to promote and sell Pixel: ru² better. Since then it has grown in employees and has gone off to work on other projects.


The current flagship game for C63 Industries is Pixel: ru². It's what the company was founded around and what is being promoted hard. However, this does not mean other stuff isn't being developed.


SMALLab is an array of 21 motion capture sensors and a projection screen pointed at the floor. The idea is that you stand where the screen is pointing and are placed inside of the game. C63 Industries was commissioned to create educational games for this device that will be used in school districts around the United States.

Ludum Dare

To help encourage game development in the local community and to show that everyone can make a game, C63 Industries takes part in Ludum Dare by gathering people that are interested in game development, but have never worked on a game before. They are made part of the team during the game jam and no matter what skills they may have, they are shown that they can be useful with developing a game.

Fun Facts

The original name for the company was:

This was based on the following domain name:

Although the SEO was great and the name stood out well when listed with other companies, it did create a challenge of being able to tell people the name of the company. It quickly became shortened to C63. The domain is still used for their DNS server and has forced domain registrars to change their database structure in order to support it.

The company also owns:

The company web site is at which sometimes causes problem with e-mail. About 25% of forms that ask for an e-mail address don't accept .industries for the top level domain name even though it is valid.

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