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Cain Morgan is the foster son of Gillian Morgan, leader of the Heingarian Security Force. At his father's request, Cain is dispatched to the "Island of No Return" to follow and observe a team sent by the Elders, a political faction distrusted by Gillian and the king.

After arriving on the island, Cain fights his way through a small cave and catches up with the research team. They have been having trouble making it through a ruin. Cain solves the puzzle, but when he reemerges from the ruin he finds that the captain of the team has turned into a monster and slaughtered the team, save for the mercenary who had been hired to look after them.

Cain fights it off and buries the dead before continuing on his adventure, picking up where the research team left off. He searches for the Eternal Ring.

Cain uses a sword and magic rings to fight. The rings are able to be custom made by the player in game.

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