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In mid-90s, Infogrames decided to exploit the succes it had with the groundbreaking adventure Alone in the Dark, by releasing several other titles based on H. P. Lovecraft's writings. Furthermore, Shadow of the Comet was developed with the direct involvement of Chaosium, publisher and trademark holder of 1981 tabletop role-playing game Call of Cthulhu. However, unlike Alone in the Dark, it is a traditional third-person adventure, featuring almost no action sequences. 
The plot revolves around John Parker, a journalist investigating what he thinks will be a top story for the next issues of British Scientific News. It involves some strange sketches and scribblings made by a British scientist, Lord Boleskine. In 1834, after reading some manuscripts, Lord Boleskine went to a small fishing village in New England, called Illsmouth to observe the passing of Halley's comet. Something must've went wrong because when he returned he was insane and constantly hallucinating. What was once a great scholar ended up in an asylum, and his works were donated to British Museum. That's where Parker found them 76 years later, and after studying their content he concluded that the secret behind Boleskine's madness was related to Halley's comet, which coincidentally has finished its cycle and was returning once more on the sky above Illsmouth. The young and curious reporter is about to take a trip into the village's past and uncover a force that threatens our entire civilization. 

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