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A Fine Addition to the Series!


The game play on Call of Duty 3 is really fun and fast paced, with a couple of new innovations in it. On the main campaign, you play as four different story lines, there's the American campaign, British campaign, Canadian campaign, and the Polish Campaign. The single player campaign is pretty long which will last more than 6 hours on the first play through and has hours of replay value with the achievements and multiplayer. The game play is kind of similar as the other series with the whole run, gun, and take cover kind of thing. Another addition new to the series is that there are an unlimited number of enemies on a mission to make it more challenging, so you'll have to push through on a mission or the enemies will eventually over power you. Whether that's a good thing or not, you decide. Another thing new they added to the series is  now you are able to use vehicles, which add more fun and challenge to the gameplay. Moreover, now instead of just planting a bomb on a couple of the missions, you have to remove the cap pressing either X, Y, B, or A and place a new cap and rotate the new cap on the bomb with the right thumb stick. So I give the Game play score a 9/10.


The Graphics on this game has really improved compared to the other Call of duty series. The graphics are smooth and crisp, and has great lighting such as the soldiers' shadow. This game uses the power of the 360's engine at its near Max. But to completely see the effect of the graphics you need to have a High Definition TV. Another thing I noticed is that the the guns you use such as the Thompson is a lot more polished, which loses the whole realistic feeling since it looks as if the gun was made only a couple of hours ago. So I give the score a 9/10.


The sounds on Call of duty 3 is fantastic, it's as if something you hear in real life. This game also has really good voice acting, but sometimes the characters' mouth isn't moving while they are talking but it can easily be forgotten. The noise in this game is really realistic such as the French speaking in a French accent and the Germans yelling out phrases which make it more believable and realistic. I give the score 9/10


Now on to the multiplayer, which is where this game truly shines. The multiplayer in this game is really fun and may sometimes require teamwork due to the different classes in this game. The classes are riflemen, light and heavy assault, medic, scout, support and anti-armor. You choose a class when you enter a match but you can choose another class when you die and respawn. Each class has a different weapon to start with but you may pick up weapons dropped by the foes or allies. All classes have the pistol and they each have a unique ability.

The game modes are Battle, Team Battle, War, Capture-the-Flag (CTF), Single CTF, and Headquarters. Battle is your traditional death match, Team Battle is basically Team death match, War is when there are flags all over a map and you must take control of each flag before going onto the next flag, capture the flag is when you basically try to capture the enemies' flag and bring it to your own base. Single Capture the flag is the flag spawning at the center of the match and you must take the flag to the enemy's base. Headquarters is when a radio spawns randomly at a map and the team who captures the radio makes a base there and protects the base, the opposite team has to try to take down the base, you get 1 point for every second you hold the base, usually the first with 300 points wins the match. Overall I find the multiplayer very entertaining which will lengthen the game play value of this game. I give the multiplayer an 8/10.


Call Of Duty 3 is a must have game if your into first person shooters, especially WWII shooters. It will give you hours of game play with the single player campaign and even more hours with the achievements and online multiplayer. And it also adds new things to the series. So I give this game an overall score of 8.5/10.

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