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Dissapointing but still fun. 0

CALL OF DUTY 3 1. STORY / GAME MODES Call of Duty is back and it’s 1944, at the height of the allies ever increasing dominance over Germany in World War II. This time around you will be taking on the roles of 4 characters each from their own country (, , & ) all of whom will be killing and fighting for their lives on the battlefield throughout your play. As a whole the story mode in Call of Duty 3 is somewhat disappointing. After the grand, epic and cinematic scope of last year’s game made...

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A Fine Addition to the Series! 1

GAMEPLAY The game play on Call of Duty 3 is really fun and fast paced, with a couple of new innovations in it. On the main campaign, you play as four different story lines, there's the American campaign, British campaign, Canadian campaign, and the Polish Campaign. The single player campaign is pretty long which will last more than 6 hours on the first play through and has hours of replay value with the achievements and multiplayer. The game play is kind of similar as the other series with the w...

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Not Good, Not Bad 0

Have you ever been in a drought? Or perhaps not a drought, maybe you've experienced a flood. If so, then you know what it's like to see another World War 2 game appear on the shelves at GameStop or EB Games (which are one in the same). The genre itself, World War 2 Game, can be broken down into two types the FPS and then the RTS World War 2 Game. In both areas games struggle to be the crème of the crop or at least stand out from the rest. The FPS that stood out for me, and most, was the CoD seri...

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dogsounds reviews: Call Of Duty 3 0

Originally written shortly after game launch.M1 Garand. Mention this weapon to any afficionado of WWII shooters, and in the eyes of most you will see a misty longing.For me, it is my favourite video-game weapon of all time, and in Call of Duty 3, I found the best recreation of it. Ever. End of. The sound, the 8-round clip, the fact that it totally pwns the bolt-action Kar98k in close-quarters combat. There is no more to say. And this is just one of the many things that Call of Duty 3 does just r...

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Man am boden! 0

It's a gut move. You've got them in your crosshairs, they're moving… towards a tank. They're gonna try and get into the tank. Forward your aim to the rear of the tank, as expected there they are. Fire off a single shot, and they drop. All of a sudden, your screen becomes red and you hear your own heavy breathing.Crouch. Wait a couple seconds, regenerate, crawl over the grass to the right a bit behind these gravestones, and pop back up. The shot that hit you was fired from the upper right hand co...

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can be alot of fun, but doesnt offer much in terms of originality 0

When i first bought this game, i was soo excited to experience COD all over again with new weapons, level, and different characters. And, to a degree, COD 3 delievers. Lets start with the positives: the weapons in COD 3 all function excellently, aiming with them seems to be easier and more solid than in COD 3 and they all seem to have a bit more firepower behind them. The levels are pretty well designed, but at time they feel a bit linear, especially when you get into simulated melee fights. Whi...

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Call of Duty 3 is alright with me 0

Treyarch have always found themselves to be the whipping boys of the WWII FPS subgenre and they are forever in the shadow of developer powerhouse Infinity Ward.  However, sometimes this added pressure is not always a bad thing and can actually push a run-of-the-mill developer to produce above average products.  Such is the case with Call of Duty 3.  Although it doesn't hold a candle to Call of Duty 4, it is at least comparable enough to Call of Duty 2 to make it a decent WWII FPS entry.  If Trey...

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COD2 was such a tough act to follow, can Treyarch live up to it? 0

The first thing to notice upon completing Call of Duty 3 was how short the Campaign is. You'll finish it in less than 8 hours on any average difficulty. The missions are relatively short and have live-saving checkpoints after nearly all the objectives. That’s not to say the game isn't tough, because there are several moments which will have you tearing your hair out.  This brings me to the difficulty issues. Many of the levels are fairly straight forward, go here, do this sort of stuff, fight Ge...

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A big disappointment in such a fine series... 2

I loved this game. Emphasis on the past tense. When this game released about 17 months ago, I played it until I beat it and then some. Wow, World War II is fun! Now, nearly 17 months later, I picked it up again and realized, hey, this game is not what I remember it to be. Perhaps I am spoiled by the nirvana that is Call of Duty 4, but Call of Duty 3, even without the comparison, is merely average. First off, the story is really bad. And I mean really bad. Many times people don't care about the s...

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A great COD2 expansion pack plus some cool new features 0

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~What was GIANT~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Gameplay > The great gameplay mechanics of COD2 are at work here again. Great sense of weapon control and well designed controls make the game shine.Presentation > Better environments than COD2 and some pretty impressive smoke effects as well as sound effects. You're living it, great cinematic experience!Vehicles > Some p...

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Call Of Duty 3 Review 0

What can I Say, We Came ,We Saw, We Played. This is a must buy for this holiday season if you don't already have it (those damn rich kids) Flowing Game play ,smooth graphics and the game moves by at a steady frame rate. But lets talk about game play first. It looks better than the first Call of Duty on the Xbox 360 (Call of Duty 2) and those graphics were top notch. I've played Call of Duty 3 on X360,PS3,and Wii and I did a comparison on how they all ranked up ,and X360 version was the best.Smoo...

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Call of Duty 3 is a good game, but not the expected knockout. 2

As I went through playing Call of Duty 3, I kept getting the feeling I had been there, done that. Don't get me wrong; Call of Duty 3 is a good game, with good graphics, and a fun multiplayer. It's just that this game is almost too much like the "generic World War 2 shooter," and Call of Duty 2, for that matter: you go into the mind of a supposed unknown soldier and fight in his or her body throughout many military battles. You travel to a battle, fight, and win. When all else fails, at least yo...

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Bad Controls And No Online Play Make Call Of Duty 3 Even Worse 0

 Had it not been for the promise of the newfangled Wii motion controls, Call of Duty 3 would've made for one of the most monumental and absorbing launch releases on the Nintendo Wii. The amount of quality teeming from the picturesque and refined substance of CoD 3's gameplay is almost palpable to say the least. It isn't difficult to see why it has been such a success otherwise on Xbox 360, PS3 and even PC. Call of Duty 3, is the first entry of the core CoD series to reach the Nintendo sy...

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There isn't anything terribly unique about Call of Duty 3, nor an 0

Call of Duty 2 was a somewhat surprise hit during the Xbox 360 launch when everyone expected Perfect Dark Zero to dominate the launch sales. But a strong campaign and addictive multiplayer was what made Call of Duty 2 such a success. But after its launch, Infinity Ward wanted to spend an extra year on what would be Call of Duty 4 which is the reason Treyarch developed the third installment in the Call of Duty franchise. Unfortunately, there isn't anything that makes Call of Duty 3 a very origina...

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Call of duty the next step. 0

OK I have completed single player campaign, and now enjoying Multiplayer a lot. There seems to be one or two issues regarding ranked matches on Xbox360. but so far the multiplayer has been fun, the class system seems even, and you can pick up other weapons anyway. Each class has a special ability, like laying land mines, sticky bombs, air strike, heal or ammo dropping. The increase in multiplayer matches from 8 players to 24 is nice, meaning bigger and intense multiplayer action. I never played...

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Bullet Point Review: Call of Duty 3 (PS3) 1

What I liked: The Rain? - Hey I gotta like something in the game. Right? What I didn't like: Graphics - I had to check what system I was playing this game on because the graphics in CoD3 look no better than what the Xbox 1 was able to pull off. A.I. - If you were being shot at, or a big explosion went off near you, would you react? I ask this because the friendlies and enemies in this game sometimes don't. They'll just stand there like nothing happened. Maybe what they say about war making you...

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The weakest link 1

*shakes head* what the heck happened Treyarch? Finest Hour was an OK start. Big Red One was even better! But you've just proved that you cannot be trusted with the main series. No PC version? It could have been so much better. Better controls, multiplayer, and mods. Ridiculous! But let's talk about what this game does have. The single player campaign is still in WWII, not a bad thing. The campaign adds a couple countries like the Polish and Canadian (lol). The campaign just isn't as exciting as ...

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