my first modern COD (PC)

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so i was watching a IGN live stream of the MP and it seems fun and quite frankly i need a shooter to blow off some steam, recently bought CS:GO its fun but gets kind of boring after 30+mins for me.

i like the change to the kill streaks, never played a modern COD(loved cod 1 and 2) so cant go into more detail about them but i like that they are point based.

i will be per-ordering it tomorrow.

do COD games run fine on PC or are the console versions better? anything i should be worried about?

Edit: forgot to ask if there are servers/server browsers or P2P

steam id: daknightx69 if anyone is new too and wants to play together.


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It runs fine on PC, almost every Call of Duty has.

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Black Ops had a ton of optimization problems (for some, I was unlucky. :() at launch, but other than that every Call of Duty has been fine on PC. It really seems they've stepped up the PC support on this title this time around, which is great to see.

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cool thanx, i'm preloading it right now.

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I hope they manage to sort out some form of decent anti cheat. Didn't mind MW3 in multiplayer but the amount of blatant cheats I came across made it feel pointless playing. Genuinely feel like the money spent on that was wasted and the fact that they've done nothing to try and stop it just takes the piss. Checkout the official boards, permanently people on their asking them to do something about it. Maybe Blops 2 won't be the same but I won't be holding my breath.

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