The adventures of the Sniper,

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So I had rented MW3 on release day because i was a little skeptical when it came to the new game. When Black ops came out I was rejoicing I was finally happy that there would be no more OMA Noobtubing and Commando and as a sniper I hated that just before getting a shot off I would get noob tubed. So I started my endeavors into black ops and at first hated the sniping because it took so long to actually get on target. BUT!

Treyarch listened to the community and started to make it easier to actually use the sniper rifles in the game I finished by black ops 1 year career with about 2500+ Sniper Kills and a 1.70 K/d ratio. I didn't so much care about my K/D i just really wanted to go positive and get some good looking kill feeds. ( only ever managing to get a quad feed once with the L96) but hey I was happy..and..then.. it..happened!


Needless to say I was happy when Robert bowling announced at e3 that MW3 was going to be the most balanced call of duty to date, and so I waited and waited and finally it came out and I really didn't want to buy it but i did want to try out so with my 1 week rental I started to get into the multiplayer and I have noticed 2 things.

1. there is no aim assist. which isn't a bad thing and it's something that you get used to quite quickly it was just an odd change.

2. all of the maps are incredibly small to the point that an enemy spawns beside you or is right around the corner 3/5 times that you spawn.

Needless to say I have had some decent games having a 2.0 k/d or more and have level to l118a to 31 already but still finding it aggravating to actually agree that this game is at all balanced

anyone else?

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The maps look to be the least sniping maps of any of the Call of Duty games so far from what I've seen.

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There are some maps that would be just fine for sniping, if the spawns were better.

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So far I've been finding it pretty balanced, especially in regards to the killstreaks which seem to of been handled really well. I haven't had too many issues with the spawning either.

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Definitely no sniping in MW3. Some of the maps are large enough and have some decent sniping spots, but the spawn system was obviously designed to stop campers and keep the action moving. Great for run-n-gun, but not for sniping. I haven't even tried the sniper rifles, honestly.

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@Monopolized said:

1. there is no aim assist. which isn't a bad thing and it's something that you get used to quite quickly it was just an odd change.

you're kidding right? there's plenty of aim assist.

watch any quickscoping video on youtube from MW3. you'll see plenty of aim assist. you'll see endless numbers of kills where the crosshairs are nowhere freaking anywhere near the target but somehow the bullet hits.


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@Zenthere: yeah that is true after more playing i have come to hate the spawning system more and more

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I think the map design in this game is god awful. They are all way too small and way too cramped. Give me wasteland!

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I don't think the spawning is good for run and gun, or anything else for that matter. Even if running and gunning is the style they are going for NEVER should you spawn within the view of an enemy, let alone as often as it happens in MW3.

I have also noticed a TON of aim assist for stupid quick scoping snipers. It didn't bother me as much in the previous games, but in this one it is terrible.

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Why does a map need to be big to for snipers? I've almost never seen a sniper actually "sniping", unless you count running around shooting people at point-blank with a quick/no-scope (and often sucking at it and losing the game for their entire team, because they're too busy being cunts to actually use a close-up weapon). And yeah, the maps are really small. And ugly. And kind of brown/grey. And not very vertical. And you can't seem to climb on much of anything like you could in previous iterations (almost every object is just there to make the map smaller and funnel you into someone's line of site rather than letting you jump on the bed/barrel/desk/whatever).

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