ki11tank's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Xbox 360) review

Deserves a little hate...

Modern Warfare 3 is a weird game to summarize in a review. On its own merits if you’ve never played a Modern Warfare game before it’s a solid MP game that offers a block buster yet very short lived SP campaign. On the other hand if you look at it from a standpoint where this is the 4th game in 4 years of this current CoD life cycle and there have been absolutely no material changes to the engine or formula it can be somewhat of a yawner.

The game play is everything we already know and expect. When it was fresh with the original Modern Warfare it was exciting, new and often shocking. Even with MW2 it still seemed rather fresh and wasn’t becoming tedious just yet. But here we are 4 years and 4 games later with a game that has only seen another new skin. All the internal workings of this game are things we’ve already seen. With such lack of innovation in a world of FPS games it just doesn’t cut it anymore for players that have been there since the beginning.

The engine in this latest addition to the MW franchise is just as cut and paste as the game play. MW3 has many of the same graphical qualities, same character animations and limitations as we’ve seen in previous iterations. That results in solid frame rate, little to no bugs and a sense of smoothness but honestly any good game should already check those off. Even the story is just another WW 3 scenario where you can mix and match all the baddies over and over. The depth of the situation is hyped to shit and the explosions are a dime a dozen. It’s just too bad we’ve seen those exact explosions for the last 4 years.

This game is a success from a business standpoint, hands down. But looking at it from a game player’s perspective it’s a decent game but by no means is reflective of its sales. This game has been done better by previous games in this franchise and currently is beaten out by their competition. If you’re a huge Call of Duty fan this can surely be fun but this will by no means pull anyone back in or create new fans unless they’ve been under a rock for years.


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