master_prophet's Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Xbox 360) review

A Welcome Return to Modern Warfare

Let's get this out of the way: is Modern Warfare 3 going to be a good game? Do you want to play some more Call of Duty? Are you ready for more of the same polished multiplayer and a single player campaign that's arguably one of the most intense and awesome campaigns I've played in a shooter? Then yes, Modern Warfare 3 is a great game.

I was really on the sideline for this year's annual Call of Duty installment. Where Black Ops surprised me by having a great single player campaign experience, MW3 blew me out of the water with it's insane set pieces. I can't remember the last game I've played that has been this insane. During this campaign, I had a building fall on me, I was involved in a plane crash and shot some dudes during a zero gravity sequence, I watched the literal distribution of the Eiffel tower, and just various other acts of insane terrorism. But you know what, this campaign is awesome. For anyone that argues that the campaign is too short, it isn't. You just simply didn't play on the correct difficulty of "veteran". Veteran players will breeze through the campaign in about six to seven hours. But, if you've been following the story that started in the original Modern Warfare, you will be pleased to know it is all wrapped up nicely by the end of this game, and that's probably what I loved the most here, single player wise.

Now let's talk about Spec Ops. Modern Warfare's Spec Ops mode has gotten a significant upgrade from the previous game, now introducing a wave based horde mode called "Survival". And let me just be the first to say, Survival mode is hands down a much better game and more addicting then anything Treyarch has done with zombie mode. You level up as you would if you were playing mulitplayer, but it just feels more addicting and more fun then zombie mode.

There is also the typical mission mode, which allows you to go cooperatively through a handful of missions.

Finally, we have multiplayer. Now many will argue that not much has been added this time around with multiplayer. Sure, the Kill Confirm mode is cool, and I do like that finally my kill count is displayed on the of the hud, however I will say that beyond these things, there isn't much else new. They did change aroudn the kill streak system, and now players who even die often are rewarded with support packages, and there is also the already infamous death care package. But other then that, this mulitplayer doesn't need to much of a change to suck me back in.

Overall Modern Warfare 3 is a much more complete package then I expected, and offers a lot more fun then it's competition. Sorry Battlefield, you kind of failed this time.

Posted by YukoAsho

"Distribution" of the Eiffel Tower? I think you meant "destruction."

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