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The feeling of power for a budget price. 0

The Cartel... Man that was embarrassing. Techland is a Polish video game company that has been around longer than most people would presume, making their first impact in the states with the original Call of Juarez back in 2006. Since then they have expanded on the Western series, created the Dead Island series, and created various off-road racing titles. People would say that they have a very strong hit or miss ratio for their games with low points being Dead Island Riptide and Call of Juarez: ...

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Call of Juarez: This One Doesn't Suck. 0

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is one of those games that can be lost in the dust in mere weeks if you don't look for it. Gunslinger comes from a series that never garnered much regard even with their better releases let alone the "Cartel". On top of that Gunslinger hits at the $15 release price, just more possible evidence you could just look this one over. Well let me tell you, you shouldn't let this one go to the forgotten pile. The game play is similar to that of Bound in Blood, an earlier rele...

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A lovely tale - too bad the gunplay doesn't quite fit. 1

Call of Juarez Gunslinger feels like a romanticized version of the wild west, in the story, the visuals, and perhaps most importantly, the sound, but there are parts of it that are if not bad, then at least a bit ugly.Let's begin with the good parts: The story is told through flashbacks from Silas Greaves, who is an old legend going in to a bar in 1910, the story then jumps to different moments in Silas' story, which goes through various locations and has you meeting (and killing) many well kno...

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An Excellent FPS With Charm and Craft 0

This is a nice little shooter; undoubtedly the best of the Juarez games. Aside from a hiccup here and there caused by some design decisions unwisely plucked from the Call of Duty style of shooter-- namely the tendency to be shot at by hitscanners you can't see. The game seems to recognize its problem with hitscanners since it has a sort of reverse-VATS mode where the game goes into slow motion and you can dodge any killing blow. This system works most of the time, but if enemies manage to get th...

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