I'm pretty sure I saved him.

#1 Posted by NTM (8372 posts) -

It didn't really matter too much to me at the time going through it, but I remember him in the demo, so I was sure he was going to be in the game, and I know he is, but why is it that I didn't have him on my play through when I went to Sur'Kesh? Has anyone else had this happen to them, or did I make the mistake on not saving him? I remember him being rescued and being in the engineering section of the Normandy in the first. Eh, whatever I guess. I just find it weird he wasn't there.

#2 Posted by MetalBaofu (1471 posts) -

You pretty much answered yourself. Either he didn't survive in the save you imported(did you play it more than once?), or I guess you got some kind of glitch/bug.

#3 Posted by NTM (8372 posts) -

@MetalBaofu: I guess. It's less about importing the wrong character, and more so about me not having noticed that I didn't save him the last time I went through the first, 'cause I swear I did. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a bug.

#4 Posted by Draugen (765 posts) -

Did you talk to him in the cargo hold afterwards?

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