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The Caravan Shotgun is a short-barreled, double-stack shotgun (referred to due to the 'stacking' of one barrel on top of the other). The iron sight is a screw, holding the lever to the receiver of the weapon. The Caravan Shotgun has large spread, meaning that using the iron sights may prove to be less than beneficial for players. In order to utilize the Caravan Shotgun, players must have exceeded, or have a Strength rating of 3. Should a Caravan Shotgun be in its best condition, it is able to fire 696 rounds without breaking. The Caravan Shotgun is a common weapon around the Mojave Wastelands, but there are two unique variants of the weapon. 

Unique Variants

  • Sturdy Caravan Shotgun: this version of the Caravan Shotgun is exclusive to the 'Caravan' pack, which was a pre-order exclusive for the game.
  • Cass' Caravan Shotgun: this version of the shotgun cannot be used by players and is exclusive to Cass, who is one of the available companions.

Sturdy Caravan Shotgun

The Sturdy version of the Caravan Shotgun boasts double the durability of the standard version, but no other benefits. Visually, the model for the weapon is in better condition, but this is the only other change in how the weapon looks and handles.

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