the new king?

#1 Posted by ieatlions (749 posts) -

i just bought the castle crashers dlc and im wondering wat effects the rate of heal for the kings magic ? is it magic, strength, or defence?

#2 Posted by MattyFTM (14652 posts) -

Being magic, I'd assume magic.

#3 Posted by ieatlions (749 posts) -
MattyFTM said:
"Being magic, I'd assume magic.
ive maxed out my magic wrong and the heal is embarrassingly low.
#4 Posted by Sponge (37 posts) -

Its only going to get to around 12 when its fully upgraded ( I may be off by 1 or 2 points). But it costs so little you can easily spam it so that it adds up pretty quickly. If you want it higher, the beholder orb may add a point to it.

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