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Catherine was probably one of my favorite games of the year. It was creative, refreshing, and new. It took the dated block puzzle concept and applied it to something frightening and intriguing. All game-play takes place in dreams that feel like real nightmares. Your actions have interesting consequences and a lot seems to be at stake.

In a lot of my dreams I'm frantically trying to do something senseless for some reason and when I wake up I wonder why I thought that was so important. This game actually captures that feeling. The art is also great and not just the animated cut-scenes. I've seen a lot of cel-shaded games that try to blend 2D animation and 3D models, but this game was the first I can think of to do it perfectly. I'm not 100% sure what shading and lighting techniques they used but it looked really good. The ending, no matter which one you get will be a little disappointing. My feeling is they had some trouble tying up the story, but all in all it is a unique game that takes the player away from mediocre swill of generic garbage.

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