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Celso is the first character seen in the entire game. He is waiting in Manny's office, where Manny presents him with his appropriate travel package - a walking stick. This of course suggests that señor Flores' karma was, so to speak, below par.  But when the player encounters Celso once more in Rubacava, he is working at a small diner, chastely waiting for his belvoed wife. The fact that such an obviously virtuous man received such a poor package is the first proof the player is given that Manny's computer was rigged. It seems this firther motivates Manny to set everything right, and repair the damage he has caused. Inspired by Celso, Manny takes over his job at the diner, waiting for Meche just like Celso waited for his wife. Four years later, Manny encounters Celso again at the New Marrow Casino. It seems he has done well for himself, he is reuinited with his wife and has apparently gathered enough wealth to afford one of Hector LeMans' fake golden tickets. Since Manny discourages him to do so, though, he and his wife supposedly make it to the Ninth Underworld unharmed.

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