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The CFA-44 is the most powerful fighter in Ace Combat 6. It is Ilya Pasternack's signature aircraft. It bears similarities to the Su-33 Naval Flanker, another favorite aircraft of Strigon Team.

Design and Statistics

  • Speed: 90
  • Mobility: 100
  • Stability: 60
  • Defense: 60
  • Air-to-Air: 100
  • Air-to-Ground: 100

Its 3D thrust vectoring engines, canards and delta-wing design give it unparalleled maneuverability. The CFA operates on the principle "The best defense is a good offense". Though low on the defense rating, its weapons are more than capable of killing entire armies. Its stability rating is also low meaning it cannot sustain a High-G turn for very long. Furthermore, the High-G turn is difficult to control as the aircraft does not leave it for quite some time. Inexperienced pilots will frequently stall the aircraft.

The CFA features no HUD and a panoramic cockpit display similar to the F-35. HUD information is relayed to the pilot via a display on the helmet. Although the canards and protruding air surfaces suggest that the CFA is a non-stealth fighter, it is nonetheless stealthy possibly through radar absorbent materials. Its 3D thrust vector engines can direct thrust side to side as well as up and down and serve as the plane's rudder controls.


Gun x 2

The CFA carries two Gsh-6 30mm cannons located near the canards.

Missile x 300

Base fire power comes from two AA-8 Aphid short ranged missiles located on the planes wings. Though having external weapons compromises stealth, the CFA is still considered a stealth aircraft.

ADMM (All Direction Multipurpose Missile) x 18

The ADMM is the most powerful weapon in the game, so powerful that it is unavailable in multiplayer. It can lock to twelve targets, land or air, literally turning the tide of battle in one shot. Its missiles are extremely maneuverable and rarely miss. Its only weakness is its long reload time. Because the missiles launch above and below the Nosferatu, the weapon should not be fired close to the ground as the missiles launched from the bottom will impact the ground. Care should also be taken to avoid friendly fire as the missiles launched from the top of the aircraft will often hit the wingman if both planes are turning.

EML (ElectroMagnetic Launcher) x 24

A pair of downsized railguns carried internally. The EML is capable of killing almost anything in one shot while ace planes, such as Ilya Pasternack's CFA, will go down in two. The weapon has barely any travel time so the pilot does not have to lead his targets. The EML is available in multiplayer though its power and ease of use can cause scorn among competitors.

ECMP (Electronic Counter Measures Pod) x 36

Despite the "Best defense is a good offense" policy, the CFA-44 is capable of carrying ECM pods which jam incoming missiles. Unlike other aircraft that carry these pods externally, the CFA carries the pods internally.

Ilya's CFA-44

Ilya Pasternak pilots an enhanced Nosferatu with better stealth capabilities. It is armed with the ADMM but can also switch to an ESM generator. Ilya's Nosferatu can also command dozens of UCAVs to help him against his enemies.



The Emmerian paint scheme, a single tone blue camouflage, is unlocked by completing the game on Hard mode


The Estovakian paint scheme, red and black, is used by Ilya Pasternak and unlocked by completing a mission on the CFA-44

Estovakian SP

The SP paint scheme, white and blue, is unlocked by obtaining at least 80% of the medals featured in Ace Combat 6.


A two tone grey paint job available as paid DLC. The ACES variant exchanges the speed and maneuverability of the default CFA-44 for significantly more stability.


A pure black paint scheme based on Ace Combat 5's Razgriz Squadron paint scheme, available as paid DLC. It exchanges a little maneuverability in exchange for better stability and defense. It also does not lock on to targets as fast as the default CFA.

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