Welcome to the Party, Pals

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Great job gang! The best gaming website is getting bettah... and biggah!!!

#252 Posted by Brodehouse (10664 posts) -

Did Drew quit?  :(

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More Giant Bomb content is always awesome. I cannot wait for the triumphant return of T.A.N.G.

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More the merrier, maybe a female voice in the future as well? 
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@Sweep said:


     Mattbodega should be a guest on the bombcast, provided you don't let him talk about Path Of Neo... "
Path of Neo was the shit, so was Enter the Matrix.
#257 Posted by Carlos1408 (1598 posts) -

Bigger and better? I'm all for it! 
I'm so excited for you guys (and myself; more quality content), expanding, growing = awesomeness. This website just goes up and up. :D

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