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Chip's Challenge is a puzzle game created by Chuck Sommerville, first released on the Atari Lynx in 1988. The game was later ported to Windows, DOS, Amiga, Commodore, and Amstrad systems. The story of the game is about a high-school nerd named Chip McCallahan, who meets Melinda "The Mental Marvel" in a lab. She will allow Chip to join her club The Bit Busters if he manages to navigate through the clubhouse.

Chip's Challenge for Windows

The gameplay of Chip's Challenge is simple. The player must navigate through 144 levels (not including bonus ones) collecting computer chips in order to proceed to the next level. The first 8 levels are lesson levels, designed to help the player understand the challenges present in the game. Chip also has to deal with hazards and puzzles such as locked doors, monsters, trap doors, etc to proceed. Blocks may also be needed to move or used to get further through the levels. Chip can be moved by the mouse button or the arrow keys, and has to collect all the chips to pass the socket and reach the exit square. Not all levels have sockets, so Chip may only need to find his way around the level to reach the exit square. Each level also had a unique password used to save the player's progress through the game, and some hardcore Chip's Challenge players may want to record their high scores and best times to try and improve them.

The player community of Chip's Challenge has p. Players can now make their own levels with "ChipEdit", record footage of them playing the game with "ChipCap", and download many custom created levelsets online. Official levelsets, such as the Chip's Challenge Level Pack 2, for example, contains 149 new levels created by players of the community.

A sequel to Chip's Challenge called Chip's Challenge 2 was in the developed shortly after release, but copyright issues prevented it from being legally released until May 28, 2015 , when it was released alongside the original on Steam, Both games, along with a level editor, are available in a bundle for $5, or individually.

A spiritual successor. Chuck's Challenge 3D was released in 2013. The Chuck in the title is the designer of Chip's Challenge.

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