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Chromixa is a simple puzzle game for the iPhone with a focus on combing smaller shapes together to fill a much larger shape.  


A puzzle in action 
Chromixa is split into three levels of difficulty with various stages in each level of difficulty. The goal of the game is simple: You are given the outline of a shape and various smaller shapes that can be combined together to fill in the entirety of the outline. The outline and each smaller piece has a specific color, the smaller pieces must be combined together in a way so that they form the same color of the objects outline. For example if the outline of a shape is white the smaller shapes must be placed and overlapped in such a way that they mix to create the color white. A puzzle can only be finished when the entirety of an outline is filled and every piece combines to form the same color, there is not however, a time limit, allowing the player all the time they need to complete each puzzle. 

Game Modes 

Chromixa has various game types split into levels and minigames: 
 Levels: These start on easy and go up to insane difficulty levels. Each level has anywhere from four to six puzzles with 14 levels with over 60 puzzles total. 
 Bounce mode
Bounce: This is one of four minigames. In Bounce the goal is to ricochet a colored ball off one of the edges of the object it is placed inside. However, each side of the object it is confined within is a different color and the ball can only be ricocheted off of a wall that is the same color. After the ball has bounced off the object a certain number of times the object will change, starting a new level. 
The Stripes minigame 
Stripes: Stripes is the second minigame and is similar to the main game itself. There are multiple shapes on the screen and they must be overlapped to form the correct colors. However, as the name implies the objects are stripes that are bound in one place and can only circle through a series of colors along the stripe. There are also multiple colors that need to be filled in and it must be completed within a time limit. 
Light Pipes: In this third minigame the goal is to move a colored ball through the corresponding pipe color without touching the walls. There are three different pipes to start and the game is over if the ball ever touches the edge of a pipe. This minigame is controlled with the built in iPhone accelerometer, tilting left or right will cause the ball to move in the desired direction. 
Time Challenge: Time challenge, the final minigame, works exactly like the main game only each stage must be completed in a limited amount of time.

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