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Before the Game

Cindy and Miley met each other at school at a very young age and were friends ever since then. Eventually they both had to do a duet at a school play together. This was the moment when Cindy found joy in playing music with other people and gave her the dream of being in a band. It was hinted at some point she joined the High School Band during her 1st year but dropped out from not hitting her standards.

During the Game

Cindy has completely changed her look to that of a punk rocker. Miley claims she has entered her "rebellious phase". Cindy is first seen meeting Miley after Sara told Miley about a scary person wanting to speak to her. Miley meets Cindy at the dorm but she is too weak from famine to speak. Miley invites her to stay over for dinner. She ends up sleeping over and much to Sara's dismay they end up sharing a room. After this incident she becomes a target for Miley's recruitment.

She is one of the many friends that Miley invites over to a picnic at Cherry Tree Park. Cindy goes off with Dina and they talk about Dina's old stories from when she was part of a gang. Cindy and Miley end up talking while the rest of the girls talk about fashion and romance.

Cindy and Miley run into Mikey while they're hanging out. Miley and Mikey talk about Cindy and how nice she is to which she strongly denies. Cindy then proceeds to chase Miley before giving up. She asks Mikey for some tickets to their next concert and hands it over to Miley. Miley, Harriet, and Sara go to watch the live show. They are awestruck by the volume of the music. Cindy states that they were singing a Norwegian Death Metal song. After Miley and Co. leave, Mikey shows up stating that this was the first time he has seen Cindy smile. Cindy later asks Miley to go to Prosperity Shrine with her. Cindy talks about expanding their music to Japanese as well and asks Elise to borrow her instruments. As they rest at the shrine, Cindy recalls the time her and Miley were part of a duet. She then asks Miley if she has a dream and Miley answers with "Of Course." She then meets with Miley at the park and hands her the club application form.

Miley sets her up to meet Tyler. Tyler states that their music is average and they need to kick it up to keep up with the market. Tyler then says they'll probably be ok because the bassist and guitarist are good. Cindy takes offense as he insinuates that the rest of the band sucks. She then goes off saying that they have their own way to play music.

Cindy is one of the 8 people to show up in the picture of the revival of the Cherry Tree Hill Comedy Club.

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