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Clare is an orphaned child, a Claymore working for a mysterious organisation with the aim of protecting Humans from evil creatures called Yoma.  She is the first to have volunteered to undergo the process to become a Claymore, and the first to become one by taking the flesh and blood of another Claymore as opposed to taking the flesh and blood of a Yoma.  

As a result Clare is only a quarter Yoma and ends up being given the lowest rank in the organisation, because of this she is often looked down upon by other Claymore.

Current Rank: #47
First Appearance: Episode 1
Voiced by: Stephanie Young (English), Hoko Kuwashima (Japanese)

Early History

Clare's parents were killed at a young age, she was spared but only so the Yoma could torture her and use her a disguise.  As time went on the beatings left Clare emotionally withdrawn and ridden in body scars.  In time Clare closed herself off verbally, appearing to even lose the ability to speak.  It is unknown at what age her parents were killed or when she lost the ability to speak.

In time Clare would be saved from her suffering by a Claymore named Teresa as she passed through on a routine mission.  Clare saw a very familiar pain in Teresa eyes and attempted to latch on to her before she left, but was kicked aside.  She proceeded to follow Teresa as she left, however without food or water she eventually passed out of dehydration after falling from a cliff.  Clare awoke to find Teresa by her side, she allowed her to follow until they reached the next town.  As the two travelled events led Clare to regain the ability to speak again, finally explaining why she followed Teresa in the first place.

In the following days they reached a mountain town, Teresa deciding to leave Clare there after slaying a Yoma hiding in the town.  Clare protested, begging Teresa to let her come with her, but eventually Clare accepted Teresa's decision.  As Teresa traversed the nearby mountain she looked back, spotting bandits heading in the direction of the town.  Teresa suddenly realised the only reason the bandits didn't attack the town before was because of the Yoma, but with the Yoma now slain the town was completely defenceless.  She immediately darted back and finding death and destruction, even finding Clare unconscious.  As Clare woke she looked up to see Teresa by her side, surrounded by the corpses of the bandits.  The act of killing Humans was forbidden by the organisation, and by doing so Teresa had marked herself for death.

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