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Each player creates a village and competes against each other. Each village consists of a Town Hall, Builder Huts, defenses, Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, and other possible units and buildings. Villages (players) can unite and form clans, which enable players to share troops.

There are four types of currencies in game. Gold and Elixir is collected by buildings in your village. Dark Elixir is collected in the same way but must be unlocked through the tech tree. Gems are the games premium currency purchasable through in app purchases or earned by completing achievements.


Players can attack other villages for gold and elixir. The attacker will send troops at the village challenging their defense. The battle ends when the attacker surrenders, 3 minutes have past, or if the village is completely destroyed. A destroyed village will repair itself in time. Damage done to resource collection or storage buildings steals a portion of the defenders stash of that resource for the attacker. If the attacker destroys a certain percentage of a village's structures, then the attacker gain trophies. If the attacker does not reach that percentage in time or surrenders then the village's owner gain trophies. Trophies are basically points and show who is the best.


The player whose village is being attacked can defend by placing cannons, or archers beforehand. The attacker can not attack when the player is online, therefore the player must plan ahead and decide where defenses are best suited. When the player returns to the game, the game will notify him/her if the village was raided. It will show how much gold and elixir was taken, if your defenses won, and a replay of the battle. The player can then ignore it or get revenge. Attacking units killed by your defense leave tombstones behind that can be collected for bonus elixir.


Once the player rebuilds the clan tower for 40,000 gold, found at the beginning of the game, the player can create a clan for 40,000 gold, or join a clan. A clan can give it's members troop to aid them in battle. The troops will be store at the clan tower. The troops will automatically defend the village if needed, or you can use them while attacking another village.



Barbarians are the very first troops the player can make. They do a base damage of 9, have hit-points of 45, and cost 25 elixir to make. These barbarians are ground units and will go after whatever they see.

Level 1 barracks needed


Archers are similar to Barbarians. They will attack anything but from a farther range. They do a base damage of 7, have hit-points of 20, and cost 50 elixir to make.

Level 2 barracks needed.

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