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Claude Speed is the name of the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto 2. He has slicked dark hair and wears a black leather jacket. The main character of Grand Theft Auto III had a similar appearance and attire, and he also appears in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, where Catalina calls him "Claude". This leads to obvious speculation that they're the same character, although this hasn't been officially confirmed.


  • In GTA2*, Claude is released from prison, but, due to amnesia, has no previous memories. His goal is simply to take over Anywhere City.
  • In GTA3, he is a criminal who is betrayed by his girlfriend Catalina shortly after robbing a bank. She leaves him for dead, but he survives and, after a time in prison, is able to escape custody when a bridge he's being transported over is bombed. He begins working for the Leone crime family, and after bouncing around working for different gangs, he eventually gets revenge on Catalina by blowing up her helicopter.
  • In GTA:SA, set before GTA III, he makes a cameo as Catalina's new boyfriend and CJ's opponent in a race.
  • In GTA IV he doesn't personally appear, but Niko can wear the same outfit that Claude had in GTA III.

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