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Clockwork City is first introduced in the expansion/add on to The Elderscrolls III: Morrowind, The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal. The city is located far beneath Morrowind's capital city of Mournhold, home to Morrowind's King Helseth and the tribunal goddess known as Almalexia. Occupied by the strange tribunal god, Sotha Sil, Clockwork City is reminiscent of ancient Dwemer architecture; though by the time of TES III: Tribunal, the Dwemer race has long since vanished from Tamriel. Ruling along side Sotha Sil are the tribunal god Vivec, located in the city of Vivec off the coast of Vvardenfell, and the aforementioned tribunal goddess, Almalexia, whom resides in her temple in Mournhold.

The city proper, that is Clockwork City, becomes accessible only in the final stages of TES III: Tribunal's 20 hour campaign. After this campaign is completed, Almalexia gives the player a ring that allows him/her to instantly travel between Mournhold, Vivec, and Clockwork City; this ring is the only entrance and exit to Clockwork City's ancient halls.

Clockwork City is no safe haven for weary travelers.

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