pesadelonuclear's Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight (PC) review

Worst C&C ever

theres no point to someone buy this game, looooott of bugs, looott of gameplay issues, veryyy poor A.I., weeaakkk campagin, very frustating units, versus mode toooooo boring, a toon of visual glitches, sound very anoing, cursor mouse sometimes even disapiars during intense fights due to stupid VFX, level up reward is a piece of junk, even the hud is ugly omg, and more a looooottt of issues and problems, stay away from this game for the god sake!!

Posted by PesadeloNuclear

Stay away from this game!!!

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    Let's start this review with a small warning shall we? I'm a huge C&C-fan, I own every single game of the series, even the first editions of the first two games. I fucking love some C&C and I even like Tiberium Wars and Red Alert 3. What this means is that this review is very, very personal and it isn't probably reviewed from a very neutral point of view but I try to handle it so you know if you like some of the features or not.  That being said, I goddamn hate this game and what it repr...

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