bjorn's Commandos: Strike Force (Collector's Edition) (PC) review

It’s a great game, but play the Originals first.

Well, I was skeptic when I heard that the next Commandos game was going to be a FPS. I thought they had blown it. And when I saw the GS score, I almost cried a little. So now that Steam had a packaged bundle. All the Commandos games for only $49,99 I thought what the hey.

So, first thing's first: Gameplay

this is why you would have to have played the original Commandos games to really understand what’s going on. "What the hell, if I crouch here those guys standing away won’t see me?" This is unusual in FPS like games. And for some, might be ridiculous. But this is why it’s like this. This game, is still very much a Commandos game, its only changed perspectives from over-head too out-from-head (first person) The game keeps allot of aspects of the 2-d games, and quite frankly. When you know this, it makes sense. And it allows for very fun, and intuitive sneak gameplay. Some thing else that is great about this game is the fact that you can change the guy you are using. There are three types of characters in the game. The Sniper, The Spy and The Green Beret (gunner). And it’s pretty easy to understand what each one is about. So let me set up a scenario for you. You need to get you're sniper into a tower, but the way is blocked by a German solider. Then switch to you're spy. Change into German uniform, walk up to him, walk behind him and wire his throat shut. Then the Sniper can get into position to clear the way for the Green Beret. Its fun, it’s a challenge and its puzzle. The shooting is fun and responsive, and the Axis has a satisfying rag doll effect.

Well, it’s not Battlefield 2 ore GRAW. But the textures are crisp and clean for the most part. The models could use a couple of extra polygons; especially in the face (nose and cheeks are a bit pointy). But it’s pleasant to look at. And it will run on pretty much anything. The particle effects are good looking and well done. And as I mentioned before, rag doll effects are always good. But they are terrific in this game. The landscape looks very nice, Stalingrad looks like a war torn city, looks like (I should know, I live there) And France looks like . In the end, that's what’s most important. That they've managed to sell the scenario too me, the gamer.

Its good, and its orchestral. It’s not some computer program. The weapons sounds good and powerful. The speech is good, but quite frankly the sounds are just good. Nothing that will really catch you off guard and show you what it can do (no CoD effect). But its there and doing the job it’s supposed to.

In the end, it’s a great game. The concerns people had with lacking story is foolish. It’s a Commandos game, and it’s a WW2 game. When did those two ever have a story? If you like stealth games, you will like this. If you like Commandos games, you will like this. If you like both, you will love this game. I know I do.

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Posted by Bjorn

I realized now that this review is pretty broken in some spots. Its a copy-paste from a place where I first posted it so some lines just went missing. No idea what happened... anyway, you get the gist of it.

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