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The Core Guard System is a boss from Gunstar Heroes. All three of its forms consist of spheres and make heavy use of the background as it weaves in and out of the player's plane of interaction. Each form is named after the general shape and behavior the spheres takes on. 

Unit of the Hammer

What time is it?
Unit of the Hammer is the first form and it takes on the shape of a long arm. It shoots lasers while trying to smash the player. Sometimes it will spin around the core room like a centrifuge, gaining more and more speed, and make dozens of passes before coming to a complete stop. When the Hammer form is defeated, it will attempt to crash into the player as it's exploding.

Unit of the Dragon

Dragon Balls?
Dragon is the second form and takes the shape of a serpent. It floats back and forth, bobbing around the core, while shooting blue fire at the player. It spends most of its time floating in the background and leaves very small opportunities to damage it.

Unit of the Runner

It looks sorta familiar...
Unit of the Runner is the last form of the Core Guard System. It enters from the right side of the screen and attacks by launching energy spheres of varying speeds. It calls each attack by doing a windmill with its arm and slamming the ground as it runs toward the foreground. Defeating Unit of the Runner will destroy the Core Guard System.

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