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These class of ships were the highest tonnage Cruisers that were used in the Covenant fleet during the Human-Covenant war. They are extremely resilient as one of these ships was able to take two volley's totaling over 1000 Archer missiles and 6 MAC shots and even then the shields only went down for a few seconds each time and almost no damage was caused to the superstructure . It finally took a nuke that was placed inside the crusiers shields to destroy it. It also carried on it an Energy Projector something akin to a Beam rifle except on a much larger scale. This weapon was fired at the speed of light and was able to cut through Capital ships of the UNSC with one direct hit. It was also able to severely weaken the Superstructure of the Pillar of autumn with a few glancing shots before the carrier was subsequently destroyed by a well placed nuke.

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