Crash Bash - Remember this game?

#1 Posted by Icthyosaur (3 posts) -

I was on the playstation store and found the Crash series. I decided to buy the ones that was on the european store (1 & 3) I played them and wanted to buy Crash 2 on a website, but soon remembered Crash Bash. I immediately wanted to play it again and since I didn't have a playstation of my own nor the games.
So. Did anyone of you play this game? Did you enjoy it? Should I buy it?

#2 Posted by Lucifer (263 posts) -

Haven't played it. But it seemed really fun. Congrats on your first post.

#3 Posted by mylifeforAiur (3491 posts) -

Haven't played it yet <.<

#4 Posted by BeachThunder (12738 posts) -

Yes. I loved that game =\

#5 Posted by Vorbis (2752 posts) -

Everything about that game said it should of been terrible, but it was great. Especially the tank game.

#6 Posted by iizcallum (606 posts) -

For a mini-game collection it was really fun and addictive. 

#7 Posted by Cwaff (1260 posts) -

I really enjoyed it back in the day though the more I think about it the less I actually want to play it in this day and age.

#8 Posted by Baillie (4351 posts) -

Yeah, that game was awesome for being a mini-game collection, even at the time I was surprised it was so good.

#9 Posted by Spiral_Stars (457 posts) -

I played it back on PSOne. I couldn't beat that fucking balloon springing level.

#10 Posted by Lab392 (337 posts) -

I liked it, sure.

#11 Posted by ShiftyMagician (2140 posts) -

I still have a solid copy of that surprisingly good game.  Loved it.

#12 Posted by Sammo21 (3813 posts) -
@Icthyosaur:  Is this the one where I remember the cover had Crash on the guy's back or something?
#13 Posted by Red12b (9088 posts) -

yeah... it was bad. last good crash game ever was CTR

#14 Posted by Icthyosaur (3 posts) -
@sammo21: I don't really know what you mean by "on the guys back"  
but this is the european cover 
#15 Posted by Sammo21 (3813 posts) -
@Icthyosaur: oh no, sorry...I got them mixed up.  I think the one I am thinking of was released on the PS2 but as some sort of budget title.  I do remember this one though.  CTR is great too.
#16 Posted by BraveToaster (12588 posts) -

I played it a few times and was bored with it.

#17 Posted by Raymayne (1226 posts) -

It was fucking spectacular, I played the little Sumo-style Ice Ring one so many damn times. Tiny ftw.

#18 Posted by Turtlehat (5 posts) -

Yep remember it quite good. Really fun to play, especially with friends.

#19 Posted by ToxicFruit (1731 posts) -

it was great and i still own it !, me and my friends played the shit out of that game 

#20 Posted by MattyFTM (14457 posts) -

I thoroughly enjoyed it at the time, but I can't help but think that it won't stand up well today.

#21 Posted by Titl (539 posts) -

I actually played it not too long ago with a friend of mine, we both had a lot of fun with it. It's one of those nostalgia games.

#22 Posted by TheDoubleJ (204 posts) -

it was awsome imo
#23 Posted by oatz (1090 posts) -

Crash Bash was damn good fun. I have many memories from that game. Music was good too.

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