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Crescent Pale Mist is a combat-based platformer for the Playstation Network released by Rockin' Android. The game consists of six sidescrolling levels presented in a 2.5D style. Players will make their way through the levels by attacking with blades and casting magic. Attacking and killing enemies will grant players Pale Mist, a magical substance which can be used to increase health and magic.


Players will take on the role of Yunou, a powerful magician who can control the Pale Mist. When Pale Mist begins to seep into the world from an unknown source, the entire planet is put in peril as the world reaches its saturation point, ready to burst from all of the magic it has absorbed. Yunou is the world's only hope for survival, and must fight to contain the spread even as she must discover its mysterious source.


  • Yunou: The only magician who is known to be able to manipulate Pale Mist. She must find the source of the recent influx of Pale Mist and destroy it. In order to do so, she had to abandon her position within the Gasyukal military force.
  • Soray Al Larwin: Trained with the Gasyukal with Yunou when they were younger. After Yunou abandoned her post with Gasyukal, Soray finds himself her reluctant enemy.
  • Narju Al Larwin: Soray's sister. She is jealous of Yunou, and wishes to use the Pale Mist to her own foul ends.
  • Vizet Lapitel: Believed by many to be a witch. She helps Yunou, but her motivations are shady at best.
  • Elshiria S Gasyukal: Like Soray, she is torn between her duties to the Gasyukal and her friendship with Yunou. She is a powerful mage, and has mild control over the Pale Mist.
  • Kurow Balnam: An ambitious old man who aims to discover the secrets of forbidden ancient magic using the Pale Mist

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