More People Need to Try This!

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I don't think this game has gotten the attention it deserves. There needs to be way more people playing this online. It's only 3.50$ till the end of today. I think it's normal price is only 5.00$. Which is still worth it. It's a really fun, charming puzzle game. It has so much personality.
I was surprised to see how much they put into this game. Extremely well done art, dialogue (it actually has somewhat of a story), and tons of levels. Plus online/offline multiplayer, and a CoD4-esque leveling up system. Who knew eating bugs and puking rainbows could be so much fun?


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I have that on my iPod Touch.  There's a lot going on in that game, I still haven't fully grasped it, but it's fun.

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That video convinced me to buy this, thanks sir 
Love the style 

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It sure looks charming. 
It's a bit like Puyo Puyo meets Space Invaders. 
And that critter is absolutely adorable!
I might pick this one up.

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I've been hearing people praise this game on and on and on.  And since the game is still on sale for $3.50 on the US side, and today is update day (so the sale might go away), I just bought it.
It's still downloading, I hope I like it.

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I've been trying to spread the love for this game for a while now.  It's a fantastic puzzle game with a great visual style.

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If any of you guys want to play with or against me on the PS3 version, let me know. My PSN ID is MAST83
Pretty sure there are a couple trophies for playing online. Winning a versus match, and getting your multiplayer rank to level 5.
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Lol, the ending to this game after you beat it was pretty hilarious... And a little disturbing.

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I was looking for a new game on PSN to buy, and I think I just found it! 

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If you live in Europe, you can get this for  £2.39/€2.99 if you buy it before the 26th of May. Chop-chop!

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My friend has it, apparantly. I looked at it and instantly knew i wouldn't want it. Puzzle games make me cry...

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