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Crocomire is a large reptilian creature that acts as a mini boss of the region of Norfair in Super Metroid. It is fought on the way to retrieve the Grapple Beam powerup. Crocomire cannot be hurt by conventional weaponry. As the fight progresses, Crocomire slowly walks toward Samus, swiping at her with its claws and backing her toward a wall of spikes. When Crocomire opens its mouth to spit fireballs (that can be destroyed for health and missile pickups), Samus can fire charge beam shots, missiles, or super missiles into its mouth in order to push it backwards slightly. Repeating this strategy will push it back into a pool of acid, causing its flesh to peel away as it sinks under the pool. The exit door at the end of the corridor is still locked, however, and returning to the other side of the corridor to the wall of spikes causes Crocomire's skeleton to burst through the wall and open a new path for Samus, screaming one last time before it collapses. It is interesting to note that if the player manages to sequence break and collect the Plasma Beam before fighting Crocomire, Crocomire will be defeated with a single charged Plasma Beam shot.

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