Would Cryostasis be better without combat?

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Not just because of how weirdly clunky it is (I actually kind of like that: it adds a more awkward, keep-your-elbows-in-to-stay-warm kind of feel), but for the atmosphere of the game in general. It's as if they had this wonderful first-person adventure game and then shoehorned in whatever the hell those screeching zombies/madmen are at the last second.

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I think the combat could have been better, but I wouldn't say it would be better off without it. To make it interesting without combat they would have needed a lot of good puzzles, and I think there's only so much they could do with the environment they created. I think the mix of combat and 'adventure' worked well. 

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No the game dont have good enough puzzles to hold on its own without combat, but I like it any way, it helps making the game harder, and keeps you  more on edge because you know you can easily die, reminds me a lot of the first resident evil where you knew tha every encounter  with an enemy could be the last. The game is good the way it is. 

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Maybe...I've never actually thought of it that way. Personally, I think the game had a reasonable amount of varied combat - it wasn't excessive and it didn't get in the way of anything else. It definitely would have made it scarier though; there were only a few parts which I felt were genuinely scary (the underwater part near the beginning, the spider...thing, the dog area). 
Anyway, I don't think the enemies were exactly unwarranted - they all had their own symbolism and they made sense in terms of both stories.


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