EA pulls Crysis 2 from Steam, makes it Origin Exclusive

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@CL60 said:

Bwhahaha, if you guys seriously wont buy BF3 now simply because you can't get it on Steam then you weren't that interested in the game in the first place honestly.

Dude I built a computer to play BF3, but no steam, no deal. There's always Bad Company 2 anyway.

Wow... just wow...

Why shouldn't someone be allowed to vote with their wallet? It's their money.

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@BeachThunder: Wow, I completely forgot about there being physical copies of PC games. That's how much steam has changed the way I buy games.

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So i just downloaded Crysis from Origin. it was fine a little the slow side compared to steam. However my biggest gripe (and this may not be related to Origin) is that i need to download both DX11 packs individually instead of them being patched in when i download the full game. lame.

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