My theory of what this game is

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I have a horrible idea of what this game could end up being. So, the objective (that we know of so far) is for the entire internet to be chipping away at the outer layer of this box. Watching the stage demo for the game, we begin to see what looks like another (green) layer under the top black layer. My and question is, what happens when we chip away the top layer completely? If its just another layer to chip away at that would be a huge let down. Also it really wouldn't be all that cooperative (a main stable of the game according to Molyneux) sure we are working towrds the single goal of chipping away at the first layer, but you can easly do it by your self. My theory... That the second layer turns into some kind of giant rubik cube, only the catch is that everyone playing the game has there hands on it at all times. could you imagine trying to solve that kind of puzzle with that many people poking and prodding at it? it be insane, it would be frustating, it would be exsactly the kind of thing Peter Molyneux would do. I mean its the whole theory behind the game, right? can the internet come together to truly cooperate and solve a puzzle? or will everyone just end up fighting with each other or griefing each other?


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@Jackel2072: It's a Molyneux/NASA crossover

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There doesn't seem to be any way to grief yet. So far it's just tapping cubelets, lots and lots of them. This game is an OCD nightmare. Hopefully Vinny isn't playing yet.

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I know what's inside it. It's totally Peter Molyneux's balls.

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I know what's inside it. It's totally Peter Molyneux's balls.

I was going to say that!!!

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