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Released for the PC in 1996, CyberJudas is a geopolitical simulation game developed by the now-defunct software company DC True. Much like in its predecessor Shadow President, the premise of the game is that the player takes on the role as the president of the United States of America and works on dealing with the many diplomatic, economic and military challenges presented to him or her in the turbulent years following the end of the cold war.

The game featured revamped graphics, a new post-cold war setting and two new game modes apart from the main presidential campaign. The first, Hostile Cabinet, has the same goals as the main campaign but forces players to contend with cabinet members that have their own agendas, which makes the game more challenging as you're forced to deal with opposition from within your own ranks. The second mode, CyberJudas, presents players with a scenario where one of your cabinet members is secretly a traitor trying to undermine the power of the United States government and ultimately destroy you. The players have to search for clues to find out who the traitor is and have them charged with treason before they put an end to your presidential career. All of this has to be done while still running the affairs of the country and maintaining your approval ratings.

Despite its age, CyberJudas can still be found in a handful of online stores.

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