Do these games contain dance mats in-game?

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I must admit, dancing games aren't really my area of expertise, but I wouldn't have thought many dancing games have dance mats in-game, and this being an object page, only games that contain a dance mat in-game should be included. So can someone with a better knowledge of the genre clean up this page (and even suggest it for deletion if none of the games contain dance mats in-game).

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Every DDR game I've ever played has a dance mat in-game during the tutorial (you know, just in case you've never played a dancing game before and can't comprehend the fact that the magic pad on the floor is your controller and you use your feet OMG to play the game.)  I don't know for sure about ITG or PIU.  If I weren't so apathetic, I could go boot up either one and confirm whether or not there are, but I really don't want to.

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