A question on blight town (Am I going the right way?)

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Okay, so I've decided to skip new londo ruins as I have ran out of transient curses so I have no way of defeating the enemies.

So I decided to open the door in new lando ruins that leads into the drake valley, from there I went into a cave and what do ya know. I'm in blight town, so I've made my way deep into blight town (Went past the bonfire in the swamp and currently at a bonfire on a bridge). My question is, am I going the right way? I'm scared somehow I'm going backwards and may of missed something vital in new lando ruins?

Should I continue my struggle through blight town or head back?

edit- no spoilers please

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You are in fact going backwards. I would consider the entrance to Blighttown to be after the sewers, (depths, I believe), and the exit to be where you entered. The "boss" of blighttown is back where you entered. It's very near the bonfire that lead to a chest with a dragon scale in it.

Edit: Also, I don't think you missed anything in the ruins. I haven't even gone there yet. Blighttown is where I went after Depths, which I went to after Undead Parish. But, of course, you can take almost any route you want. Some will be harder paths though.

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So the entrance to the depths is at the undead parish? Where abouts?

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The 2nd bell is in Blight Town so yeah you're going the right way.

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I think New Londo is where you go if you get cursed but have ran out of the items that lift curses.  The basilisk's curse lets you fight the ghosts without transient souls, and there is suppose to be an npc there that can lift it for you.  It also leads to the Abyss area.

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@yoshimitz707: So if I keep pushing through I'll eventually reach the bell. I've passed some big-ass squid looking thing and currently at a bonfire on a bridge if that helps.

Thanks guys think I'll keep pushing through I've gone this far

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Yeah, you're going backwards. The usual progression is Depths -> Blight Town -> Londo Ruins, so if you keep going the way you are, you'll end up on the Depths near the Gaping Dragon Boss (or a locked door if you haven't defeated it yet).

Go back to the bonfire in the poisonous swamp and from there, facing the tunnel exit, go to your right. The boss is inside a cave near the trees (roots?), white floor and boulder-tossing ogres. I had a tough time finding it myself.

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@Maajin: When do you go to The Catacombs in this progression? Is it after New Londo?
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@FluxWaveZ: I'm going through the Catacombs right now, after defeating Quelaag in Blighttown, as I don't have any Transient Curses left to fight the ghosts... Does anyone know where can I get more?

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@Maajin said:

@FluxWaveZ: I'm going through the Catacombs right now, after defeating Quelaag in Blighttown, as I don't have any Transient Curses left to fight the ghosts... Does anyone know where can I get more?

You can buy one for 4k souls from the vendor at the start of New Londo Ruins, I believe. 
Oh, and I guess I'd better go through this Blight Town before running through The Catacombs like I've been attempting to do.
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I just suicide ran the whole way, worked a treat. Thanks for the help guys.

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