Best high STR weapons in your opinion?

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#51 Posted by BambamCZ (152 posts) -

@guesty_01: You don't need more STR unless you are thinking about using Grant, Smough's Hammer or Demon's Great Axe which are some of the weapons that require more than 40 strength. Personally I would go for Man Serpent Sword, B scaling on STR helps a lot and it has for a greatsword really good moveset.

#52 Posted by development (2946 posts) -

@guesty_01: A couple weapons (like, literally 2 or 3) require 50 strength, and a few need 48 or 45 strength, but you can wield them all two-handed with just 40. Not only that, but after 40 you will notice a dramatic decline in STR scaling, so much that it goes from like 4-6 points per level to 1 point every 7 levels for lots of weapons. Every guide out there will tell you not to go past 40 STR, with good reason. Pump your END to 40 (most stats stop being worthwhile past 40), guesty.

#53 Edited by Guesty_01 (383 posts) -

Ok, I think I'll stop at 40 and blast END up some more. Wanting to be like an absolute powerhouse. If I do come across something I really like that's more than 40, I can always bang a few more points into STR. Hmmm Man Serpant Sword I'll definatly check out, any hints where abouts it's found? Currently about to head to Sens, or maybe try tackle to Hydra. Thanks for the quick reply guys.

#54 Posted by BambamCZ (152 posts) -

@guesty_01: man serpent sword is frequent drop from the serpent soldiers in sen's fortress

#55 Posted by Guesty_01 (383 posts) -

Oh how convenient lol. Yes I think ill head into Sens now and maybe see if I can pick myself one of then bad boys up to have a play around with.

#56 Posted by Noblenerf (358 posts) -

The Deprived's starter club is the best STR-weapon I've come across so far... Damage, speed, and that glorious hop forward when heavy attacking. The club has it all.

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