Can anyone help with Dark Souls?

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So I would love some help with the "Dark Souls fix" mod that has gained oh so much popularity. I wouldn't really be asking here BUT...I can't join neogaf, which seems to be where the guy who made it is taking questions. I'm not cool enough to have a non free email. So I'm desperate for help.

When I installed the thing (dragged files into folder) and booted up the game suddenly looked like the picture to the left. Now i'm no expert, but my game did NOT look like that before the patch. And this does NOT look like it fixed much of anything. Any help from someone who had the same issues or would have any insight as to how to work around this? If not, thank you anyways.

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Turn off AA in the DS video options. It's a known bug with that release of DS fix.

Also it might we worthwhile to get this thread moved to the Dark Souls page considering it is a common problem.

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That worked! Thank you very much! I have also moved this to the Dark Souls forums.

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