Does DSFix restrict you from playing online?

#1 Posted by MethodMan008 (944 posts) -

Hey duders,

So I bought Dark Souls during Amazon's sale, and of course the first thing I did was go download Durante's fix for Dark Souls for higher resolutions, higher framerate, etc..

Now I'm only a few hours into the game, just got to the area passed the undead burg.. Can't remember what it's called, anyhow, I've been laying my white soapstone down all the time but I never get summoned.. I played the game up to Sen's Fortress on PS3 and noticed it seemed like it took longer to get summoned in Dark Souls compared to Demon's Souls.. So, is it just taking awhile for me to get summoned or does DSFix actually prevent you from playing online? I've looked on nexusmods and don't see anything on it, so I'm assuming it doesn't restrict you from online.


#2 Posted by Cheesebob (1285 posts) -

Not that I know of.

The framerate 'fix' might though.

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I have used DSfix w/Framerate fix and Widescreen fixer for about 8 hours of gameplay. Although I didn't use any of the summon stones I still saw plenty of messages and ghosts from other players in the world and GFW live never logged me out or went offline. If you can see the ghosts and the messages you should be able to summon or be summoned provided there is someone near enough to you(latency wise) that is looking. Most likely there isn't enough players online, since this is a Games for Windows live game which requires an Xbox live gold subscription to play online. I imagine most PC only players aren't going to spend the sub fee just to play the one or two GFW live games they own.

#4 Posted by MethodMan008 (944 posts) -

@Kakarote23: PC games are free to play online on GFWL.. right? I thought it was just XBL that charged..

#5 Posted by hussatron (193 posts) -

@MethodMan008: Yeah, it's free to play online. I'm using DSFix and I've summoned some people. The general consensus is that using DSFix in general is fine for online play, but the fps unlocker might be considered a cheat (it modifies in-memory game code to achieve the effect). But nobody has ever been banned for it and I doubt anyone ever will.

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