Should I buy this game if I don't like hard games?

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So if you haven't seen Dark Souls is $7.50 from Amazon for the PC right now and I'm thinking of picking it up. The problem is I don't typically enjoy games that are really difficult. Despite this fact Dark Souls looks really interesting to me. I love RPGs and something about Dark Souls just seems like something I would enjoy.

So my question is this: do you think I can enjoy the game still? And if the game turns out to be more difficult than I would like is there a mod or anything to make it easier?

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There's a lot of people that play through the entire game just summoning as many white phantoms as possible for every area which does make the game tremendously easier. The game is worth it from an atmosphere/exploration standpoint even if you negate the challenge, and for $7.50 you're not risking a whole lot. The execution level of the game is relatively low with a generic build it's just the learning curve is what's particularly vicious.

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Yes, you should play this game. It really isn't that difficult; it just hides arguably important information from the player. If you're getting really frustrated with the game at that point, don't be afraid to look up a walk through. Also, have a 360 controller. If you don't have a 360 controller NO ONE CAN HELP YOU.

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Yes because it's not hard so much as it's asking you to pay attention and not play like a dumbass who runs head-first into every obstacle.

Once you wrap your head around how the game controls the only difficult parts are a handful of the later half bosses.

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I'm not a Souls expert, but I did beat Demon's and Dark Souls and both are games I wouldn't have normally played. Like you, I was curious. I suppose you just need patience. Once I had an understanding of what I was doing, the game wasn't that hard. If you get stuck or don't know where to go, there's always guides or people who can help you.

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Now that i know how to play the game, and how encounters work. I can Breeze through a majority of the game without dying once.

There is only like 2 times in the entire game where it feels unfairly difficult, the rest feels very fair. I was intimidated by the talk about how hard it is as well, but it's really not that bad.

For the love of god, stay under 50% equip burden though. How people deal with fatrolling is beyond me.

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I would say if you don't like hard games avoid it, because its a hard game. There's a reason Dark Souls has a reputation for being hard. I know people like to say its not hard and you just need patience, etc...but I think that's really the minority. This is coming form someone who's near the very end of Dark Souls and has done very well with it.

Its a game that doesn't tell you where to go, what to do, what items do, what enemies are hurt by what or really anything...and its near impossible to do well without some kind of outside help.

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@triple07: Yeah. Buy it. You'll probably like it. Though, whether you end up liking it or not, you can enjoy the fact that you helped support an amazing game and its developer.

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It's not a hard game. All the enemies spawn at the same place, so once you know where all your attackers are coming from it's easy to take them on one at a time. Any trap or trick is only going to work the first time, or not at all if you encounter some helpful messages.

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You should buy this game if you like games. The great thing about dark souls is you can make it incredibly easy by choosing to use pyromancy/greatshields, or you can make it incredibly difficult by never leveling up, constraining yourself to only one hit killing bosses... etc.

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As long as you approach the game with an open mind it's not really hard, per se. When you beat your face against the same wall for an hour because other games have conditioned you to expect a reward that way is when it gets "hard".

Dark Souls plays by a different set of rules and isn't afraid to kick you squarely in the balls, over and over, until your smarten up and learn how to interpret what it's telling you.

If you can make it over that early hurdle, Dark Souls is incredibly rewarding.

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If you're willing to learn the mechanics, then I would give it a shot since you can make the game easy by following the many tips people already mentioned.

If you're not willing to learn the mechanics, then I would avoid it, since you can't expect to pick up the game and make it easy just by picking a certain class or weapon or something like that.

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If you're willing to sit through it with a FAQ, it is really not difficult at all. You may make a few mistakes and have to do stuff over, but I feel most of the difficulty comes from not knowing what's coming.

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just play through summoning all the rest of the people who got it for 7.50 on amazon!

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Even as someone who is tremendously not fond of Dark Souls, I would not necessarily call it "hard" and you probably should buy it at that price just to see what all the fuss is about. The problem is that it doesn't explain itself very well. I would recommend doing a lot of outside reading before you dive in, if you do ultimately buy it.

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As many people have already pointed out, it's really not that hard. It just requires patience and a willingness to learn the mechanics, enemy placement, etc. It's truly fantastic, my favorite game of the whole generation. Don't miss it, $7.50 is a steal.

Also, I agree with @banefirelord so far as to say that you should absolutely look up some of the more obtuse (and important) gameplay concepts. Learn about humanity, poise, how encumbrance affects your mobility, etc. Just don't spoil anything regarding enemies, world layout, etc.

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Alright thanks guys, I went ahead and pulled the trigger and bought it. So now that I bought it does anyone have any links to a good guide to get me started with Dark Souls?

#18 Posted by p00rdevil (163 posts) - This wiki is a great help. By the way don't get discouraged. This game is hard and challenging, but keep at it and watch your gaming skills grow! Play smart. Don't keep trying the same approach over and over if it isn't working. Take your time, don't get surrounded. Practice your backstabs and parries.

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@triple07 said:

Alright thanks guys, I went ahead and pulled the trigger and bought it. So now that I bought it does anyone have any links to a good guide to get me started with Dark Souls?

The gamefaqs community is huge. Many walkthroughs there will help you if you get stuck in the game. As for playstyle tips, i would just watch any videos from Vageta311 or EpicNameBro on youtube. They have the most complete guides.

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@triple07: GET A SPEAR EARLY ON. And start as a pyromancer, or a knight. Knight starts with a good shield so it might be worth it if you just want to be careful, but pyromancy is pretty handy early on too. I'd go knight, honestly.

Also helps to have a friend to engage in jolly cooperations together. There are a couple demons that'll probably piss you off early on, so don't be afraid to look up guides on ways to kill them. Also, don't hoard souls. Every time you have a decent chunk of them, use em. And don't forget to use all of your "Souls" items, which give you souls. A lot of people I know never used them, and they can really help you progress faster. Just don't use them until you're at a bonfire and want to spend some souls.

I would honestly stay away from guides. You just need the basic concepts. Beyond that, you should explore the game and figure it out. As long as you're careful, have a shield that has full physical, and a weapon you dig the timing and stuff on, you'll be fine. There are a few mechanics you should look into, like reinforcing gear, but other than that, figure it out. It's a big part of the appeal of the game. You just need a boost out of the gate so you aren't totally lost.

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Play this game. That is all.

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It's easier than it's built up to be. I say give it a try. And if you end up having trouble even in co-op, there are usually some good cheesing strategies. I'll link my beginner post here too, It's a good start I'd say.

Only thing I'd add to that is that Pyromancy is overpowered and isn't based on stats. So you can max out health and melee damage while still having some ranged/magic options.

But yeah, don't be scared off! The atmosphere and feelings of loneliness is one of the best in the business. It's creepy and fantastic all the way through.

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Good luck. Praise the Sun!!!

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I also don't like difficult games and I didn't really like Dark Souls. I mostly play games for the story and atmosphere and while the world in Dark Souls is interesting the frustration of playing it took most of the enjoyment out of it for me. The part I didn't like is that it doesn't explain anything. Once you figure out how to beat an enemy it's not that difficult to do, but the game gives you no information. I don't like trial and error in games and I felt like that was the only way to progress in Dark Souls. I shouldn't have to go read a wiki to understand how the basics of a game work. I understand that's part of what some people love about the game, but I hated it. I guess it just wasn't for me.

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I don't like hard games either and used to play most games on easy but Dark Souls is one of my favourite games of all time.

If you get into it and it's too frustrating just read the wiki till you understand the systems at play and what gear you want to use. The learning process is fun and really where the difficulty is but you only get that your first time through. Even once you know the game there is still so much to enjoy that the difficulty is really not a reason not to play.

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The game isn't hard exactly, just unforgiving. Once you know how to dispatch certain enemies and safely traverse environments, the game is surprisingly easy.

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If you don't mind grinding, the game isn't too difficult. You can level yourself up enough that even the truly tough bosses are not too much trouble (still a good challenge, though). Also, if you don't mind scouring forums for tips and info, you'll be fine. That's all a part of the game's charm and fun.

If the above doesn't frighten you off, then you should absolutely play Dark Souls. It is phenomenal.

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The game isn't hard. Games that are hard are difficult to play, Dark Souls' main gameplay mechanic is highly accessible and works fluidly. It simply has harsh punishment for death.

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It shouldn't matter if you like hard games or not. What matters is if you like learning and slowing yourself down. Nothing that happens is hard mechanically or difficult to do (aside from parrying maybe, but you can make it through the game without that). It's just all about patience and figuring out what you should be doing to succeed. The actual act of doing what needs to be done is actually not that hard to do after you figure it out.

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The game is hard but not impossible and it never feels cheap. If you are stuck just sumon other players and look for guides and walkthroughs online. It makes the game much easier.

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