Stuck in Anor Londo.

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I have made it to were you go up the steps and two huge knight are waiting, so I run left to the open gate and fight the gargoyles (with the electric staffs) and it just kind of all goes down hill from there. I have a Claymore at +9 and the Unchigatana at +10 and neither really seem to do enough damage to the gargoyles. Anybody have any suggestions, tips or tricks?

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Can't help you but maybe this will cheer you up. I guess Justin McElroy actually rage quit Dark Souls because of that area. So you're in good company.

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Run past them, as they are the least of your concern. You will know what I mean when you get past them.

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Hmm... Uchigatana +10 should be doing pretty good damage as far as I can remember. Are you Strength or Dexterity? That might be the problem.

If all else fails run past them. It sounds like you are very near the area with the silver knight archers, which would be on the right of the two giant knights at the large set of stairs. If that is the case, I always run past the gargoyles at that part.

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Thought this was a funny coincidence. I was pretty sure this thread was going to be about the Knight archers, but seems it's not. Anyway if you go to the right instead of the left, you might find yourself saying "that damn archer!" but you can just run past them/make them fall off the ledge.

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Do you mean you run right? If you go up the stairs and run left, you'd go through the shortcut gate, which would mean you made it past these gargoyles before...

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That part is just flat out tough regardless of your SL or gear.

Basically, you're going to need to get your gear down to 25% or 50% of your max load to up your speed. You need a big shield; either a normal shield with good poise that has been crazy leveled up, or a large shield. I recommend Eagle Shield. If you don't have it, you didn't look everywhere in Blighttown. There are other large shields available though.

Get a fast weapon or a spear. You're only going to fight one dude, and you're going to need to do it fast and in real close quarters.

Just run by everyone. I'm not going to spell it out because it's not the spirit of the game, but just get past the giant knights, right through the gate, then turn. Keep moving and keep your shield up. If you're getting staggered around every time you get hit you need to upgrade the shield. It's not a long sequence, it's just tough as shit.

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Always try to only aggro one enemy at a time.

Fighting the giants you have get up close past their shields and hit their legs. Don't block, just roll through their legs and keep at them. I would recommend going 2-handed for more damage, since it's not a good idea to block their attacks anyway.

Fighting the demons you can let them kill themselves by blocking their attacks and letting them backstep off the ledge. Otherwise just roll, get close, and attack.

Fighting silver knights the best way i find is to parry and riposte their attacks. They have a predictable and slow 3 hit combo that is easily parried.

On the annoying dual dragonslayer archer area you need to run up until you get to the roof intersection, then go right and roll through the arrows until the knight takes out his sword. Parry and riposte, then take care of the other one for a nice soul item or ignore him and move on.

Once you get to the bonfire, go human for help on the dynamic duo boss ahead. Dont waste too much time, though, as people like to invade in that area a lot.

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I'm passed the Knights, they are easy to get away from. But after them the gargoyle guys on the steps hardly take any damage. I've managed to trick them into jumping off the ledge, once. And I have made it to the knight archers, by running, until they killed me. I do a lot of running by enemies, it works for the most part.

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My tip is to find a co-op buddy who will help you. That's how I got through there. Also, you sound kind of under-levelled, if your weapons aren't doing enough damage.

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@mrhadouken: The demon in the center can be knocked off the ledge and fall to his death with 1 arrow from the top of the stairs. Poison arrows can take out the archers. Normally I go into human form and have summon help at the bottom of the elevator. It's a common place to find summon signs due to the PVP that takes place here as part of the Darkmoon Blade covenant and the difficulty of the fatboy slim boss fight.

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Well, you could get the Fog Ring from Alvina, the cat in the forest ruins (which is located near the smith in the Undead Parish, where you fought the gargoyle), after joining the forest covenant and getting 3 kills or by getting a Skull Lantern from the Catacombs and giving it to Snuggly (just Youtube how to get there), and by getting the Slumbering Dragon rings by killing Griggs, the blue wizard that you may have rescued while en route to the Depths. Equipping these rings will make you fairly stealthy and allow you to run past a lot of stuff without too much trouble.

It'll take a while, but I think it's easier than trying to brute force or sprint past everything only to be taken out by those dick archers on top of the walkway.

As far as weapons go, where are you putting points as you level? Some weapons scale with leveling the stats and provide extra damage. If anything, double hand a weapon for a higher output. My guy is using a +15 Iaito and he was able to chop through the gargoyles in a couple of blows when I went through Annor Londo. If you find yourself lacking in level, go to the Painted World of Ariamis, fight through the level, open the massive doors and you'll open yourself an excellent source of farming for souls by killing the clump of phalanx hollows near the bonfire.

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One nice thing to know about those gargoyle's is that they don't have poise. This means that any hit will stun them. Try and agro one at a time, draw them in close, two hand your uchi and don't stop swinging until they die. I like to roll with < 25% equip so that you can more easily dodge their attacks, since their lightning attacks do quite a bit of damage through some of the more common medium shields (balders, hollow knight, heater).

Also, I have been able to knock the center one off of the perch using simple bow and arrow fairly consistently. I suggest that to thin out the herd a little bit. Agro the rest one at a time using the bow and you should be golden. Just note that you are about 5 minutes of solid gameplay from the most frustrating (for most) part of the game. Let us know if you need help with that part.

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Lightning spear is what I used on them and the gargoyles went down pretty easy. If you have enough stamina you can just spam attacks with the spear because it interrupts them. Also knocking them off works too.

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Remove all your armor and #YOLO run past all the enemies. Trust me. That is by far the most effective way to go about it. Especially at the hilarious part that comes after the gargoyles.

Good Luck~

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Snipe your way to victory by shooting the two giant knights in the knees with the bow and arrow from further down the steps. At the right distance they don't aggro.

If you headshot the gargoyles, it can knock sometimes them right off the ledges. Even two quick shots with a short bow can do the trick. They also tend to be pretty thick when it comes to attacking, in that they will backstep wildly into the abyss. Fire works well against them, although unfortunately you can't get quelaag's sword until after clearing out most of Anor Londo.

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@mrhadouken: The demon in the center can be knocked off the ledge and fall to his death with 1 arrow from the top of the stairs. Poison arrows can take out the archers. Normally I go into human form and have summon help at the bottom of the elevator. It's a common place to find summon signs due to the PVP that takes place here as part of the Darkmoon Blade covenant and the difficulty of the fatboy slim boss fight.

I just want to point out that if someone were to come into this thread, without any prior knowledge of the game, and especially games in general, that sentence probably reads like total nonsense. Ah, video games. :D

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If you're having trouble with the batwing demons, then you're going to love the rest of Anal Rodeo.

A good strategy for any mob you're having trouble with is to pull them one-by-one with a bow. Like others said, these guys stagger at a sneeze, so draw them to you and just spam them down. They're weak to fire, so maybe throw some charred pine resin on your weapon for extra lols.

Your running strat for the archers is the way to go. Run to the top, roll through the right archer's arrow and once you're up in to right one's face, the left one can't hit you. If you back up a bit, he'll fall off the ledge on his own.

Don't bother going after the left archer. All you get is some souls and that's not worth to risk turning victory into defeat.

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