Where should I take my dude from here

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Here is my build


I'm stonewalling at Sen's and having a hell of a time. Both weapons are +7 and feeling great when I need them, preferring the katana at the moment. I need suggestions on where to take this pyro from here. I'd like to cause massive damage and move fast, but it feels like I'm a glass cannon in boss fights and I'm getting killed too quick. I'm just farming souls in the garden right now and thinking of taking on SIf before Sen's funhouse.

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My recommendation is to invest more heavily into endurance and get better poise throught armor and/or going into the woods to pick up the wolf ring (40 poise) and replacing the lifesteal one. That should help you a lot with getting staggered and killed.

Otherwise I think you are totally fine. Having two weapons to upgrade and a pyro glove is an expensive investment, and might require grinding. But it makes you very versatile and strong. I recommend using the Zweihander to stun the lizardmen rather than the katana. Should make for an easier route through sen's.

I'm not exactly sure how you feel like a glass cannon? I mean you have very weak armor, but 24 vitality is a decent chunk. You should be able to take a punch or two even from bosses.

BTW 56 is quite a high soul level for that area. Someone mainlining the game without avoiding encounters would be 44 in the area after Sen's.

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well, your looking solid. Sen Fortress is a good challenge the bonfire is near the top after the series of blades and you need to make the jump, after that there are the Golums who fire cannons at you, the bonfire should be around the left close to the blade in a spot looking above the blades and outside.

then after that, you can find a key to unlock the little cage to travel up and down sen fortress without having to do leaps of faith.

But if you feel ready to take on Sif, why not. I beat him well beyond level 70 it was overkill for Sif.

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Not to sound like a jerk or anything but you should be able to get through sens fortress pretty easily with your soul level, if its the swinging axes or the boulders that are giving you trouble then you should look up a guide just to get to the bonfire quickly. As far as where to go with your build keep leveling dex if you like the uchigatana otherwise level up your pyro flame if you really want to use pyromancies, but I found that their damage eventually falls off. Also you should use something other than ring of the evil eye, either ring of favor and protection or ring of steel protection which can be found in sens fortress. Wolf ring is another option if you feel like your being staggered to often.

Other than that I dont really know what to say. Learn the enemy attacks and the timings of the axes or you can power through it by over leveling even more.

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If you like the katana, I would start focusing on dex and drop strength. You may be underpowered because you've leveled both evenly - the katana scales with dex, but strength doesn't matter. I had trouble with Sen's as well, but for me it was mostly the swinging axes. Try to make it to the bonfire, and don't be afraid to use a bow to take out some of the enemies on the way. It's very helpful not to have someone shooting at you while you try to run between the swinging axes! I found Sif challenging, but only because I wanted to cut his tail. If you don't care about that, he's a breeze.

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Some good advice here, also the Cloranthy Ring is very good and everyone seems to forget about it, Grass Crest Shield, Mask of the Child, Ring of Favor and Protection, Cloranthy Ring is a fantastic setup.

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I had a really similar build to you when I was in Sen's, there were a few differences though: I was at about 32 dex to get more out of the Uchi, and I think you should do that as well. I generally go damage and mobility first in Souls games, because health is unimportant if you're not getting hit :) I also used wolf ring to boost poise for when I needed to block and ring of steel protection to further increase my ability to take hits I couldn't dodge, which I think helped immensely against the Man-Serpents. Maybe get into the shadow armor so you're moving super fast? Also you look like a ninja which is a huge morale boost.

I think your problem is probably more about technique than gear/stats. Make sure to trigger all traps asap so you don't get hit by them while fighting enemies, and also remember that the enemies are affected by traps. If you can strategically place them you can kill them often with one swing after a few arrows or a saw-blade. Don't be afraid to really circle the man-serpents, they're pretty slow to react and you can pop backstabs on them very easily. With the Man-Serpents that cast lightning, charge them and roll under their bolt, then lay into them. With a +6 Uchi I could down those guys in three strikes while two-handing.

Sen's is a place where patience and situational awareness rules, even more than the rest of Dark Souls. Keep your cool and don't get discouraged, because it's a really fun area once you get the hang of it. (Just as an aside, if you're getting ripped up in Sen's the Sif fight will probably be rough. If you get caught in one of his circular swings it can take 80% of a lifebar.)

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Praise the Sun duders! Made it. Sticking with a dex build with Katanas. I prefer that move set. Have an awesome photo for all the help!


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